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What should you be doing right now?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) April 15th, 2008

Fluthering is probably not the answer…

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Five kinds of French homework.

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Typing a 15 page report on the Cultural Disemination in Asia under Mongol control. It’s due Thursday, and I only have 1 page done. =O

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Laundry and then some more laundry.

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resting my wrist and preparing for my next exam…..

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sleeping whoopsies

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@scamp: Pssssh! mine has italics. And this is a different now than then. Oh no, now I’m thinking! Make it stop!

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I thought my vision was just blurred!! this is a different question!!

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im prolly need to take a bath.

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sniff…....yes you do :P

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I’ve got nothing to do. I’m on a train.

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I was redoing the reptile room, now I have a headache and am lying down watching Frisky Dingo online. (hush you, its actually pretty amusing)

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I should be working…but thanks to the iPhone I have an excuse to not work!

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Cleaning out the travel trailer as we have found it a new home…..

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i should be doing something productive like cleaning but im procrastinating by reading the net

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cramming for a nursing exam

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its almost 8 i gotta paint this crown mold and baseboard.

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