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What should happen to Raymond Davis, the US 'diplomat' arrested in Pakistan for shooting two people?

Asked by meiosis (6463points) February 21st, 2011

Should he be released straight away or face prosecution for his alleged crimes? What about the driver of the other US vehicle that struck and killed a bystander – should the US embassy have refused to hand over either car or driver to local police for questioning? Will this incident have long term repercussions for US-Pakistan relations?

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The whole event is ugly and unfortunate, of course. But under longstanding rules of diplomatic immunity, the individuals in question should be returned to US custody and tried – if an investigation warrants that – in the US.

We do the same thing all the time for embassy staff and everyone at the UN.

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I think his diplomatic status is far from certain. The US embassy only added him to the list of diplomats they give to the Pakistani authorities after the event.

“We do the same thing all the time for embassy staff and everyone at the UN.”

Really? All the time? Remind me, when was the last time a diplomat killed two US citizens whilst his colleagues, driving like maniacs across the city in an attempt to get to him before the police, mow down and kill an innocent bystander?

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Let us keep in mind that the two victims blocked his car, jumped out with guns, and appeared to be about to either rob or kidnap him.
It was a clean kill.
Should this harm our relations with Pakistan? I hope so. We have been stuck in a political mire, and any kind of movement is better than this.

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The circumstances leading up to the shooting are the subject of some debate. And what about the totally innocent bystander mown down by Davis’ colleagues?

Would you be happy if a Pakistani spy (let’s dispense with the diplomat nonsense) in New York shot two people, in the back mind, in similar circumstances?

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He should be released, sent back to the US and tried here. That’s standard procedure in diplomacy.

The reason why they didn’t admit to his diplomatic status until after the event is that he is a spy, working for the CIA, and they hoped to deal with this without revealing that fact. It looks like some operation has been blown.

The only question is whether he has a diplomatic visa on his passport. If he does, he’s a diplomat and gets sent home. If not, he is not a diplomat, and he should be tried in Pakistan.

Murders committed by diplomats happen not that rarely, unfortunately. The diplomats take advantage of their status to do other crimes as well, particularly traffic crimes. It does not matter how egregious the crime is. If the person is a diplomat, they get sent home to face justice. If Pakistan does not send him home, and he does have diplomatic status, there will be big problems.

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He should be tried in the US.
If he was fulfilling his duties as a CIA officer, he should be given a sham trial and disappear into the witness protection program.

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