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When was the last time you laughed at yourself and why?

Asked by dreamer31 (1932points) February 21st, 2011

I ask this because my husband and I had a good laugh at ourselves this morning. We overslept and woke up at the time we should have been leaving to get our kids to school. Of course we rushed, in a complete chaotic frenzy and finally got out the door, running late which we both hate to do. My husband got them to school, only to find that the parking lot was empty, it is President’s Day, no school! Our children found this hilarious and after feeling a little crazy, we did too.

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I bumped into a wall last night because who needs light to navigate?....ow ;)

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I had been on my laptop a lot that day, and then i was reading a book after about 5 hours of laptop use. I close the laptop cover so that it goes into hibernate I read probably half the book, then put it aside to check up on my ipod. After getting caught in some IRC chat quotes I saw the book to the left and see the book, and I go reach for it thinking Shit, I should close the cover to save the battery.

I realised what I was thinking with my arm half way to the book, I just turned off my ipod and smacked my head into the pillow for being so dumb.

It made me LOL

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Last week, I left the office at lunchtime to get a sandwich, looked down at my feet and discovered I was wearing odd shoes. Oh dear.

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Oh that’ll be when I took the dawg to the beach on Saturday. I was running along with her, throwing her ball & clowning around, like you do. Anyway basically I tripped over her, not sure who was the clumsy party probably me. I laughed because I couldn’t help thinking I must’ve looked like an ostrich, what with my head stuck in the sand & everything. Funny stuff, not very dignified but definitely funny :¬)

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I was at the mall with my friend so she could return a pair of jeans.

Some guy at one of those dumpy little kiosks looked to me as I passed and said “Sir, I think you dropped something!”

I looked on the ground and noticed a shiny half dollar.

“I didn’t think I had a half dollar on me…” I thought to myself as I bent down to pick it up.

Lo and behold, the half dollar was glued to the floor!

The guy’s face at the kiosk was like this

My face was like this

Then his face was like this

Then mine was like this

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Oh yeah, another is when at school—halfway through the day—someone informed me that my pants were on backwards.I had been wondering why i kep stitting on my keys and hurting myself.

I slipped into the washroom and did a quick 180

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Nice narration with the pictures XD

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Today I accidently sent a text message to my boss that was meant to go to someone else. Unfortunately the text message was about my boss. Luckily it wasn’t too damaging but the atmosphere is quite awkward now. I had to laugh at myself for being such an idiot. If I didn’t laugh I would have cried!!!

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My whole family is currently sick with the flu and last night I sneezed but the sneeze sounded like a-choooooooooooooooooo, as in it went on for about 15 seconds. Apparently it sounded like I was miles away at the start and was getting closer if that even makes sense. I had a good ol’ laugh at myself over that. The missus was laughing so much I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an accident if you catch my drift.

As a side note, I’m sick so send me lots and lots of expensive presents. It’s only right.

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OMG! Last year we were at a boat and RV show. It was chilly, and my husband had on a thick, fluffy nylon coat. We had had a couple of beers there. Rick was sitting in the chair of one of the boats, making boat-driving noises, and he pushed a lever up and his seat started going up!!! It was cool! I said, “I wanna do that!!! Move over!”
He gave me the oddest look, but he lowered the seat and gave it up to me…I got in and pushed the lever to move the seat up…and nothing happened! I said, ‘It’s not working!”
I looked over at him, and the passenger seat he was in was going up….I said, “Why won’t mine work??!!!”
He says, “Val…the seats don’t go up and down. It’s just me, moving myself up and down!” and he did it again….hHe created a fantastic illusion by moving his body just so inside of his coat!! Like…somebody walking behind a couch and appearing to walk down steps. I went for it hook line and sinker, and we never laughed so hard—at my expense!!

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When I looked closely at the USPS logo and realized it was an eagle. I have looked at this logo all my life, and always thought that it looked like an envelope flying you know, getting the mail speedily. Then when I was at the post office, I was right next to it, and I said to my dad, “Is that an eagle?” He said of course it is, and I just started to laugh at my self about how stupid I was to believe it was a flying envelope all these years, and it was an eagle

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@Aesthetic_Mess…It’s an eagle???? I thought it was an envelope flying too!!

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@Dutchess_III Really? So I’m not the only one?

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I rushed like crazy to get ready for and then get to a restaurant meet-up last night, only to find that the organizer had scheduled it 15 minutes early because most people usually show up late. I busted my ass and broke several speed limits to get there right in the nick of (what I thought was) the right time, only to find that I was the first one there.

I didn’t fume; I enjoyed it.

My favorite, though, was the year that both my wife and I forgot our wedding anniversary until about three days later. Never had to worry about missing that date again!

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Yes, really @Aesthetic_Mess! I’m trying to envision it in my head….someone must have created the eagle to LOOK like a letter….they tricked us!

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Okay, so, I was in chapel at school and this guy got up to play special music with his saxophone. I’m in the orchestra, and I asked my friend Julie why he wasn’t in orchestra.

She was like, “Alex… classical musicians back in the 1700s didn’t have saxophones…”

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Yesterday at dusk, I went outside to bring Milo in. He didn’t come when I called so I did my usual hike through the woods and fields while calling his name.

Finally in despair, I returned home and found him sleeping, hidden by several picture frames, on top of the piano. He looked up with a quizzical expression and then nodded off again.

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I laugh at myself all the time, I am a silly goose.

For as bright as I am I can be extremely ditzy at times, recently I lost my kitchen sponge, couldn’t figure out where the hell it went!

2 days later I opened my freezer and there it was, frozen to the door. lol

Blame it on my weekend happy brownie moments. haha

And, thanks for the Presidents Day reminder, I WAS going to go to the bank and make a deposit…guess that’ll be tomorrow! lol

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Haha…I do that ALL the time, stand in my garage calling the cats from the woods and then, I’ll come back in and they are both sleeping somewhere, looking at me like I’m crazy. lol

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i don’t really have a rreason for laughing at myself . . . i just randomly start laughing at myself whenever im by myself. ... HAHAHAHAHA.

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While waiting for luggage at the airport, everyone had taken their’s off the carousel. I had been waiting and waiting for my second piece to come around and so were 3 other people. We finally realized some luggage was lost when the baggage handler told us it was either still in Las Vegas or accidentally put on another plane. In the meantime there were 2 pieces of luggage that kept going around and around the carousel. I finally looked at the name tag on one of the pieces (because I’m nosy), and it was mine. I had forgot what my luggage looked like. Boy, did I feel foolish.:D

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like @queenie I laugh at myself so often I forget at times why. Last time i almost wet myself. That would have been a two-fer!

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You’d fit in great over here, yep, won’t be long til I need laughing diapers.
A new product design maybe? Depends laughter protection. Now you can laugh with CONFIDENCE!


Airport humor, hah…one of the best airport laughs ever was when my friends baggy of laundry detergent exploded on the customs conveyor belt last year in Taiwan when she was rearranging her baggage weight.

Yep, smuggling heroin out of asia, well..that takes care of any retirement worries! lol

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Years ago I was planning a birthday party for my then 9-year old son. It was called for 1:00 on a Sunday.

So an hour before-hand, I was rushing around in my underwear and hair curlers the size of orange juice cans. The door bell began to ring, ring, ring.

I had forgotten about the switch to Daylight Savings Time.

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@Coloma not a diaper product. It will be a pad product because nobody likes unsightly diaper pad lines! I think it will be called PMP-Pads. Various thicknesses for anything from LBL (Light Bladder Leakage) to HSC (Heavy Spill Containment).
So instead of lol it will be pmplol (pee my pants laughing out loud)
I have already contacted the folks that helped with the Gulf Oill Spill to reengineer the left over materials.
PMP Pads offers a line of pee pads for your personal needs. These pads are ideal for spill control and clean up. They absorb all liquid for ease laughter and safe disposal.
Safe and fast acting they can help to keep floors dry and slip free.
Is your car leaking too? Use them in the garage to keep that concrete floor spot free. Just place a pad under the car and watch how easily they can keep your floors and work areas clean. Easy to use they come in rolls so you can use just what you need.
Call us today to find out more and order your supply now!
Call soon or the laugh will be on you!

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LOL! oops….PMP!

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This past Thursday I was have a really hectic day. Overslept, got a parking ticket for being in a spot for 4 minutes without feeding the meter, forgot half of my assignment for the critique I was having that day. I got into the classroom and suddenly realized I was missing my $300 prescription sunglasses. I searched my bag frantically and was about to leave the critique to go search the building (and car, if need be) when a classmate kindly pointed out that my sunglasses were, indeed, on my head.

I felt pretty silly but had a good laugh at myself all the same. :)

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The other night while trying to call my husband and fussing that he never answers his phone when I need him to answer his phone….it was laying on the table next to me ringing. It was on the third ring before I realized I was a complete dork.

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hahaha, excellent!

Well, I am happy to report that the laughter has to be quite severe and prolonged to induce leakage that might require EPA attention, and other than having the piss pounded out of me galloping uphill on a horse with a Corona or two under my diaper line, the leakage is minimal. :-D

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A old question about zombies just resurfaced here. I sped-read through the answers; one mad me really laugh. Lo and behold. I had written it. half-way down

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I lost a pencil in precisely 5.7 seconds. It’s a special talent of mine; I can do it with lots of seemingly insignificant items like keys and hats.

I found the pencil 10 minutes later

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@Foolaholic OMG & LMAO! I’m the same way. Isn’t it amazing how fast you can lose something. I am forever losing letters, papers and notes I just wrote in 5.7 seconds:\

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I think I’ve laughed at myself recently, but one of the more memorable occasions for this was when I sat down on my toilet with the seat up.

Nothing wakes you up better than falling into the refreshingly cold water in a porcelain bowl! :-o

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Haha, I’m the opposite, I put the lids down so the cats won’t drink out them and when I get up in the middle of the night I sit down on a closed lid.

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just remembered something… i once went into the kitchen which was being replastered to get a glass of water… i have a habit of sitting down to drink anything, so i sat down on the kitchen chair . . . which didn’t have a seat! someone had taken the seat out and there was just the chair frame. I actually laughed out loud at myself for being so silly and blind.
plus the fact that i was still thirsty and was soaked. butt touched the floor aswell lolz.
thank god no one was there!

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I tripped over the same thing 3 times at work today…

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We were playing Cranium with our kids today and I had to mime moth to a flame for my 13 and 11 year old. How the hell to mime a moth? I flapped my arms and one leg and then broke down laughing because I looked simply ridiculous.

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“I tripped over the same thing 3 times at work today…”

I’ve mostly been tripping on the same thing for about 44 years now. ;-)

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@Brian1946 shouldn’t you move it, seems dangerous:)

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@dreamer31, @Brian1946 said tripping on, not tripping over.

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