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Where can I find a TV Stand that moves?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) February 21st, 2011

This is for a Bedroom?


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Do you mean “moves” as in “swivels”? Or something on casters?

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For upstairs I want one that can move around the room. The one I have is to small for the new TV my husband ordered.

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Target has a bunch of choices. Most of them are not very elegant, but are serviceable.

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You may want to search for “kitchen carts” or “Microwave carts” since they come in various sizes and handle heavy objects.

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IKEA! I bet you can find something there, but I agree with @Dog, you may want to look in the kitchen section. Also, their website doesn’t really show everything they have, if there is a store near you, I would definitely go and take a look. I’m almost positive you will be able to find something.

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I completely agree. Ikea is the best and has a broad selection of furniture. If all else fails, check online for stands that have wheels and are made to hold heavy objects.

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Ikea only works if you have an Ikea in your area – otherwise, you’ll almost definitely pay at least 200% for the item due to shipping costs. Target’s microwave carts are what my family used for years.

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If the TV is on a wooden table or bookshelf now, you may be able to put wheels on it. If this seems too difficult, consult with a handy friend. You’ll want larger wheels if it has to roll on carpet. This is probably the least expensive way to go.

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I have one I no longer need. I would guess you don’t live near me though. Too bad, I would’ve given it to your. It swivels and is black with a glass front, 2 shelves.

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There’s an Ikea in Bklyn. as well as LI if you decide you like their products.

Usually reasonably priced. If your TV is heavy you want to stay away from wood veneer pressboard. It will buckle or split.

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Maybe second hand stores? I see some in regular stores but not too often.

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