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Do you guys have temperature extremes like this (see details) where you live?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43068points) February 21st, 2011

On Thursday the 10th we set a record low of -17f. One week later, on Thursday the 17th we set a record high of 76f! That’s a difference of 95 degrees in one week! It’s been in the high 60’s and mid-to-low 70’s since then…until last night. It went below freezing, and it’s chilly right now, about 36f. Yesterday was a shorts and t-shirt day, today is a bundle up day…..

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Same here. Went from 73 degrees a week ago Sunday to snow and 25 degrees mid-week.

I’m in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Ca. About one hour from Lake Tahoe.

I think California is in the running for extremes, Palm Springs at 80 something degrees compared to Truckee Ca. which is one of the coldest places on earth in the winter.

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Not quite as extreme here, but We had a couple days almost up to sixty last week, and now back to almost 0 at night.

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Yes, it has been like that here too. Perhaps not quite as extreme, but drops of 50 degrees.

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no, never that extreme, although we did have a day when we had lots of snow faaling whilst there was proper warm sunlight shining at the same time. it was really weird.

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Only all the time. But I always say..“If you don’t like the weather in Ga. where I live .. wait a minute!

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It’s about 32 today, supposed to hit 78 tomorrow…

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