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Asked by JMCSD (243points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

what actually causes these blasted things?

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it’s just to remind you there’s something there…...;)

of course, it could be migraine, muscular, sinus infection…....

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well, for example, migraine, what would usually actually start the physical “ouch” you feel?

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migraine would make you sensitive to sound and light and generally just get worse until you have to lay down…
An ‘ouch’ is more likely to be muscular (stiff neck or bad shoulder?), stress or a headcold…..

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Most headaches are muscular, caused by stress and the tightening of muscles throughout the neck and head that radiate to the forehead, or related to inflammation of various areas of the head and neck.

Migraines are neurologic disorders and not actually classified as headaches. There are various theories as to the cause of migraines and right now there is no clear cut leader. Neuroimaging has pretty much proven that migraines are wholly neurologic, although some people still hold on to the vascular theory of 20 years ago. Generally, there is a seen a decrease or depolarization of electrical energy in the brain upwards of 24 hours before a migraine attack. This triggers a chain reaction that results in a migraine. What causes that depolarization is up for grabs.

I blame the internet and the return of swing music.

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i get one if i dont drink a sundrop, coke, or coffee in the morning.

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@sounded fury, thank you, that helped alot. Thank you too wildflower :). @buster, that sucks.

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I get headaches alot and/or migraines

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