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Your thoughts on the new Radiohead LP - The King of Limbs?

Asked by Jude (32185points) February 21st, 2011

First listen, I thought that it was pretty trippy, but, like with most Radiohead albums, you have to listen to it a second time to appreciate it. Technically, it is sublime.

Morning, Mr. Magpie

Your thoughts?

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S’alright. But yeah, you need to listen to it more than once in order to fully appreciate it
(not just with Radiohead, but with most bands, as well)

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I’m 10 listens in and starting to really like it can’t wait for the second half on the album.

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@everephebe How many more songs and when is it out, do you know?

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Well, nothing official. I found this in one of the comments on Rolling Stone I think it’s pretty apt:

“Prediction: this is only HALF of the album – the newspaper album says TWO 10” vinyl records, and the line on “Separator” being “if you think this is over, you’re wrong.” Plus, separator…hmm…separates the two halves of the record? It’d be incredible to see Radiohead release the rest of the album between now and when they release the “Newspaper Album”, similar to the way Kanye did his G.O.O.D. Fridays.”

I’m guessing it will drop on or before the Newspaper Album is shipped on Monday the 9th May. And I’m thinking we get 8 more tracks because we’re due another 40 minutes. Two vinyls=80 minutes.

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That’s pretty much the extent of my thoughts on it. As for the sound, it still sounds like Radiohead. Good enough for me.

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I really enjoy both the song and music video Lotus flower. I think Thom Yorke is brilliant.

I like this live version of Give Up The Ghost is a little better than the album version. And I felt that the same way about Little fishes/Arpeggi off In Rainbows vs. the live Ether Festival Jonny Greenwood version.

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It is amazing !! I love it! “Codex” is one the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard recorded.

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