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_________ people are the best kind of people.

Asked by Dog (24827points) February 21st, 2011

What are the absolute best kind of people? What are the best attributes you can think of?

I think “honest people” is at the top of my list.

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Caring and thoughtful

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Cats are the best kind of people.

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People like you, Dog. :)

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All of the above.

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Inherently all

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Well, Jellies of course!

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People that help the oppressed, the abused, the downtrodden and those less fortunate than themselves, even when nobody is looking.

Compassionate people

People that work hard and try to do the best they can without hurting anyone.

People who continue to use common courtesy and respect, even when they’ve not been shown the same (like on the freeway, or at the checkout counter, or when passing people on the street or in a hallway etc).

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I’m going with @hawaii_jake and saying open minded people, definately.

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@Kardamom I like you more and more everyday:)

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@dreamer31 will go with you on that one…

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Little brothers are the best kind of people <3

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Teachers are the best kind of people. :)

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Real people are the best kind of people.

By that I mean people that don’t wear masks and aren’t afraid to tell the truth even when it hurts. I don’t mean that they are harsh, just that they are honest. This doesn’t negate compassion.

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My kind of…....

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The kind that breathe.

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Compassionate Christians. (They’re the ones you don’t read about)

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Truthful people are the best kind of people.

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Old Order Amish

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Dead. Nobody says a bad thing about John Adams nowadays, but he was pilloried while he was in office. It must be that dying made him a better person.

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Hard working single mothers. I’ve got a lot of them in class and they always amaze me.

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Earnest people are the best kind of people.

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People who choose to love unconditionally

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@aLittleBit YOU KNOW WHAT? you’re absolutely right.

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