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How should I warm this sliced beef?

Asked by tedibear (18815points) February 21st, 2011

I have about a half-pound of sliced deli roast beef. I want to make warm sandwiches but am not sure of the best way to warm it up. It is not a sandwich that gets gravy in this case, so I won’t be warming it up in gravy.

My thoughts are:
1. to put it in a baking dish with some beef broth and warm it in the oven.
2. to warm it with some beef broth in a covered frying pan on the stove.

Ideas? Hints? Thank you!

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Put it in some beef broth and on the stove! quick & easy.

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A crock pot may fill the prescription for warmed beef (YUMMY!!!)

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Put a half tea spoon of butter and some Worcestershire sauce in a skillet on medium heat, put the slices in until warm, then plop on the bread!

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Don’t forget that any heating will take away the pink color or rareness, if that’s important to you.
Cold or room temperature beef would be delicious in sandwiches . . . a little horseradish and sour cream . . . or mayonnaise with capers… or tomatoes and lettuce with spicy mustard.
Hmmm. Time to fix supper.

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If you are going to warm it in broth, use enough broth to make an au jus sauce or gravy to go with the sandwich. You can either use it for dipping or pour it over the top.

Other wise go with the cold meat sandwich.

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Microwave it perhaps?

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If you’re toasting your sandwiches, you could also just leave the sandwich open in the broiler for a few minutes. Great way to melt your cheese, too.

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Put the beef in a ziplock bag and let it warm in a pot of heated water.

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If you enjoy shoe leather, by all means use the microwave.


If not, avoid it. Its way way overkill for something so delicate.

I like the previous idea of butter and WS in a saucepan. More flavor than just broth.

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Both options sound good. Microwave if you’re lazy but becauseful of the temperature setting. Just set it on defrost.

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