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I can't wear contacts anymore (suddenly). Anyone else have this problem?

Asked by nir17 (371points) February 21st, 2011

About a year ago, my contacts suddenly started irritating my eyes and within a few days of the symptoms starting, I could no longer wear them at all. I’d been wearing contacts for about five years prior to that with no problem. I went to the eye doctors when the symptoms first started, and when I left his office, I could no longer stand contacts at all. My eyes burn, dry out, get red, water, etc. A few months later, I could wear them for a few hours to work out or go out. Now, I can’t wear them at all and my eyes are super sensitive even when I don’t wear them. I’ve been to two opthamologists (multiple visits) and none of them can seem to fix the problem. They said that I am just allergic to the material… and none of their solutions or prescriptions or new contacts have alleviated the problem at all.

I hate the idea of having to wear glasses forever, or until I can get Lasik. I’m only twenty and in otherwise perfect health. Anyone have similar problems? Any solutions?

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The same thing happened to me. I had to stop wearing them for 10 years. I finally just got LASIK.

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I used to be able to wear contacts, now I can’t. I have no idea what it is….probably the brand. Who cares, everyone looks better with glasses anyhow.

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I had the same thing happen after about 7 years of constantly wearing my contact (from when I was 12 up until I was 19). I couldn’t wear them again for about the next 8 years or so. Now I can tolerate them for short periods of time only and I can only wear the one time use ones.

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@ratboy Yeah, I have that. They said it was a very mild case though, and that I should be able to wear them.. Well, one doctor said that. The other said I’d never wear contacts again. The prognosis does not sound good.

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Shifts in hormonal levels (especially when you’re pregnant) can cause similar symptoms. So can high blood pressure.

If you’re a guy or not pregnant… it could still be attributed to hormones, like if your pituitary or adrenals are out of wack. You might want to consider seeing an endocrinologist.

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