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If you were on the cover of a magazine; how would you like to be pictured?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10491points) February 22nd, 2011

What would you wear? How would the picture be set? Would expression would you have? What would you be doing with your limbs, and your neck?

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White tank top,black running pants,covered in sweat,legs outstretched,sprinting down a path…smiling of course .;) Yep,that’s it

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Oh absolutely like my avatar, only i’d be careful not to squeeze too hard :¬(

TexasDude's avatar

Like this

Or like this.

AstroChuck's avatar

Naked, of course.

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In my favorite place, the river in the Blue Ridge Mtns…
under water hanging onto a rock in the current. I call this the Superman feels like flying

With that said, does it matter what I am wearing?...but then again, maybe an actual cape would be cool!

Jude's avatar

Like John and Yoko in bed, except it’s my girlfriend and I.

This pose.

aprilsimnel's avatar

Probably somewhat like this, but with a black backdrop.

Cruiser's avatar

In my swim shorts (sunglasses of course) sprawled out on a lounge chair on a Beach in Roatan Honduras with my laptop, cervezas and a Mariachi band serenading me.

dreamer31's avatar

@Cruiser that one sounds pretty good too really anything that has to do with sun and water

sakura's avatar

airbrushed please until my jogging starts to work and I shift a bit more weight!!

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Is it wrong of me to really want to be on the cover of Bizarre Magazine? @aprilsimnel Beautiful. Thank you for posting a little of my daily Barbra fix :)

Cruiser's avatar

@dreamer31 I agree sun and water anywhere is the way to go! I’d even settle for an inner tube with a cooler full of beer floating on the Jack Fork River in southern Missouri with a banjo player serenading me! ;)

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Like my main man Clinton here.

Somewhat related: other great covers, here.

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Milo here; Like this

Me with my new product line.

Jude's avatar

@gailcalled That icicle shot (from the balcony) is lovely!

gailcalled's avatar

@Jude: But getting very tiresome

Jude's avatar

@gailcalled A month and a bit! Hang in there!

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In a very tasteful – perhaps a sort of blue/coral with a few flakes of gold – urn.

Scooby's avatar

Probably just sat on my deck in the summer, chilling with a cool beer……. Top off, cargo shorts on bare foot, with BBQ smoking away in the background & the spuds just in shot!

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oooooo I could die a happy woman if I, even once, could have a photo taken where I looked like this or this. I was born 30 years too late. I so wish I lived in an age where ladies wore hats, gloves and things were more “formal”. Even when I was younger I loved the glamour of the 1940’s or even the fun of the flapper filled, art deco 1920’s. Who wouldn’t want to have a photo taken where they could look like the stunning Louise Brooks. Like I said…. I’d die a happy woman.

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Me holding a violin by the neck like a bat

Kardamom's avatar

I would like to be on the cover of Vegetarian Times, stirring something up in one of those shiny copper pots and dressed in a chef’s uniform, complete with a toque. Paul McCartney would be sitting eagerly at the table in the background, waiting for his meal (his Hofner violin bass in one hand and a big fork in the other).

6rant6's avatar

@noelleptc That “Guns and Ammo”?

12Oaks's avatar

Just a photo of me walking down a trail at the arboretum. My only requirement is let’s do in in one snap of a camera. I never understand how these magazine cover photos could possibly take all weekend taking thousands of shots. You’re a professional, Mr. Photographer. Simply aim, click, and you’re done!

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lol This Would be perfect…

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Pregnant and glowing… beaming with joy.

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Reclining, nude but draped in silk chiffon and my hair marcelled in long long waves- lipgloss only.

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