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What are some cute birthday gifts for my boyfriend?

Asked by littlekori (676points) February 22nd, 2011

I want to make my boyfriend something cute for his birthday, any ideas? I really like the cute, cheesy type of stuff, so anything would be helpful(: Just something homemade that I can maybe add my own touch to.


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How old is he? What are his interests? What is your budget? What are your artistic skills?

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he will be turning sixteen. he loves dirt bikes and riding them and watching the races and everything about it. hmm, I don’t want it to be to much, but it doesn’t really matter. Just homemade, and cute(: And well it depends. I’m not a good painter or artist or anything like that! Haha.

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I would suggest homemade brownies or chocolate chip cookies then.

Or an IOU for a picnic.

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Bedazzle a pair of boxers with matching Elton John style sunglasses.

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How about creating a mood board for him, depicting dirt bikes, perhaps some text to go on the board, and if you have a picture or two of him, add that to it.
Also you could paste a picture of yourself, and maybe a poem.

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Maybe you could carve a stamp for him? You can do it with an eraser or a linoleum block. It’s pretty easy, and you can even make it with a design or words that you find somewhere else. I mean, you don’t have to draw or design it yourself—you can transfer an image or words onto the surface and then carve away the places you don’t want to get inked. Of course, if you do words, make sure they’re in mirror-writing!

Your local art store might have good info about this, or you can check the internet. Here’s a nice simple how-to page, for instance: Have fun, whatever you do. I think it’s cool that you want to make your BF something.

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