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For ladies only- do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling under your bosoms?

Asked by gogoinggone (23points) February 22nd, 2011

Sorry if this is gross…but I am rather well-endowed, and at the end of the day, often I will have a not-so-pleasant odor under my funbags. Have any of you experienced this, and what do you think it might be?

And I apologize if this is a rather awkward introductory question.

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I think ‘it’, is a natural phenomenon of any body part that is subject to damp, dark conditions on a regular basis.

I’d say cinch ‘em up as high as they’ll go if they are hefty enough to cause extreme swaeting.
Otherwise, shower often and use a nice baby powder.

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I can relateā€¦ shower often and have baby wipes on hand.

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yes, I find that I either need powder or a shower or to wash my bra cause I wore it too many days in a row w/out realizing

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If you think about it, under the breasts is the only place on the body where that kind of crevice occurs (I’m not counting lady parts or bum, because there’s a mucous membrane and/or secretions there). It’s only reasonable that you’d sweat there, and it’s only reasonable that at the end of the day the area might not be smelling so fresh.

The other girlies have given good advice, but I’d like to add this: get professionally fitted for a bra. A better-fitting bra might help you to hoist ‘em up better, making less of a crevice. Also, get a few bras, so that you can wash them by hand and let them dry overnight so you can always wear a freshly-washed one.

You’re not alone, darlin’!

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@Seelix Good point! A correct fitting is very important.

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Not to sound prurient, but how big are we talking about here? Most of my girlfriends have been big-busted, but I don’t recall any of them having this issue. Maybe they had extremely well-fitting bras.

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In some cases, this isn’t just from sweat, but from yeast growth.

Some of the causes for yeast growth ^^^ at the above link are common…However, I’d like to add that diet plays a large part here. If you tend to eat too much bread & pasta you should stop. More raw veg & fruits should be added.

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@FutureMemory then they’re either very young no kids or the boobs that you are refering to just aren’t as big as you may think

@SpatzieLover eew..hope I never get that!

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@dreamer31 Oh, good point about being young (18–24ish) and not having had children yet…that did apply to all of them, heh. Size-wise, they were all C-D cups.

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Research or try this product. I worked wonders for me, especially in the summer time.

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<hugs> this is something that girls with smaller assets (who long to go bigger) don’t understand honey, that larger breasts can be murder for a girl to cope with. Lots of good advice from my fellow jellies above <hugs fellow jellies> I definitely always have baby wipes (baby ones don’t have perfume or chemicals etc added, have a lovely moisturiser added, and you can get handly little travel packs you can slip into your bag) keep the area dry (again baby powder helps and smells lovely too) . Try to make sure that your bras are cotton (cotton lets the skin breathe) and that your bra is a good fit so that it holds your breasts up where they should be, away from your skin. You’ll find very good quality cotton bras very, very cheap in Walmart/Asda (part of their basic range but they wash up lovely and keep their shape too). Also, wear a fresh bra every morning. As our darling @Seelix says honey, you’re not alone. Sending hugs and welcome to fluther sweetheart <huggles> xx

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My girls are big too but I don’t have that problem at all, I don’t wear my bra at home. Soon as I walk in the door I remove it and my shoes. Do you sweat a lot? That might be the problem, just shower offten and and maybe use powder and wear a different bra everyday. good luck.

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A properly fitted bra that is either mostly or all cotton, washing the bra after every wearing especially in “sweaty” weather, some baby powder and once or more daily bathing should keep you quite fresh.
I had a friend who used to get a red and itchy rash under her breasts. She had to use anti-fungal (like jock-itch) cream there.

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My co-worker actually has a yeast infection under hers…thank god I’ve never had that problem, though I am pretty size-y. I think everyone else has the answers for you. Good luck, dear!

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