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How many of you paid for your iPhone yourself, and how many had it bought for you?

Asked by stevenb (3816points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m a bit spoiled. Heh.

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I bought my iPhone before the $200 drop. I got it for my birthday (but I still payed for 1/2)

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I hustled and schemed for mine.

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I bought mine during a retail therapy spree.

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I’m waiting to buy one until the new one comes out in June. But I’ve already swindled saved enough for the phone AND about six months of service. I’m on AT&T anyway so there is no need to unlock it. Jailbreaking is another matter ;)

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At first I didn’t think I wanted one. Long story short, I ended up getting one the first week.

That means I also got the $100 “early adopter” Apple credit : )

I have to say it was one of my better purchases. I honeslty can’t imagine not having real Internet, email, photos, music, etc. at my fingertips 24/7 wherever I am.

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I bought mine the first day ( didnt wait in line though), and after a month of two bought my wife one. She is slightly spoiled.

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Also spoiled. But I waited with baited breath from November 2006, when I first started looking for a new phone and read early rumors about the iPhone online.

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wife bought mine 8 gig then 25 days later I traded and paid an extra 140.00 for the 16 gig. Love it and her..

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I worked for what I got. And bought all the stupid cases and shield things… Damn

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sorry I forgot to mention I gave my wife my old razor in flawless condition and a 16 gig jailbroken iPodtouch

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my dad bought mine for my birthday, i’m pretty much spoiled i don’t even pay the bill.

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My wife and I paid for our own phones. I think I am the only one that is unhappy with the phone thus far. I will wait till June or till the new Sony comes out this summer. One or the other. They need vast improvements to keep me as a customer.

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My wife got me mine for Christmas! She regrets it now, because I’m always messing with it.

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My wife hates mine too she is always saying ”put that phone Down!”

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Dang, You gotta Love ‘em!

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@bulb- your wife is totally sitting right next to you, admit it!

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Actually, she is upstairs, in bed, but any other time you would’ve Nailed it, PW!

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Bought two (his and hers) the day they came out…waited in line, and paid cold hard cash.

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I paid for mine myself at the original price, though my company now reimburses me for service.

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my boyfriend bought mine for me for valentines day present.

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I waited until January to get mine. Wanted to see how it would develop in it’s first 6 months before laying day that type of scratch.

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Mine was a self birthday present. I held on to my Sidekick II past my 1 year contract with T-Mobile until July and then ported over my number. I’m very happy with it, don’t see a need to upgrade in the forseeable future. Think I’ll use the $100 credit towards the extended care plan soon.

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We bought his and hers iPhones on the day they came out. We paid for them the old fashioned way….work!

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From the day it was announced, I saved up for mine; and I also paid half for my son’s and he paid the other half.

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One day my iBook was grunting, and groaning, and all of a sudden the cd drive shot open and out popped my ‘lil iPhone!! Awwwww

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Was there any afterbirth?

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Man cables and cords and apple pulp like you wouldn’t believe… I buried under the old sycamore in the back. ;)

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Wow, at least you didn’t save it and eat it.

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too sacred…all hail apple….

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I got mine for my birthday. Split the cost of my daughters’ for her 21st birthday! We are Apple geeks.

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