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Can you open mail on another's behalf with their written authorization?

Asked by sunrunner (117points) February 22nd, 2011

Curious if it’s possible to do this.

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I would imagine that it is not.

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If you have a power of attorney you can.

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What kind of mail are we talking about? And how safe do you want to be?

If it’s regular mail, and there’s trust, a simple verbal okay will suffice.

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Secretaries open their boss’s mail on a written okay.

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Yes. My son is currently on deployment in Afghanistan. He gave me full power of attorney and authorization to open his mail, which he had forwarded here instead of his apartment. I open everything and handle anything I can here. I scan and email or snail mail anything to him that he needs to specifically see. So far, there has been no need to do that.

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I open my husbands post all the time, if it looks interesting!! He doesn’t seem to mind, just like I don’t mind if he opens mine. To me if you’ve nothing to hide then why not? I’m not sure what the legal ramifications are but we haven’t signed anything.

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Yes. I am my mothers Power of Attorney for her health and all administrative dealings with her life.

This also includes opening and reading her mail and her bills to be paid.

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As long as there is something in writing.

Also, Power of Attorney can get this accomplished.

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