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Should the US Navy send fake merchant and passenger ships filled with SEALs through the waters off the Somalian Coast?

Asked by gorillapaws (25109points) February 22nd, 2011

Would creating decoy ships as bait for pirates be an effective tactic in combating piracy?

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Sure. Fuck pirates.

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Are you suggesting we troll pirates? ‘Cause that’s a fuggin’ great idea!

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Or we should stop over-fishing their waters and stop polluting the Somali coast.


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Being a pirate is hard work. They deserve their booty. They have earned it.

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As long as they are someplace where they have the authority and jurisdiction to go after Somali pirates and are acting in accordance with international law I don’t care if the SEALS are dressed up as ninjas, smurfs or seals. Let them have at it.

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I think Navy Seals are overkill but I like the idea.

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No, because there will be reprisals against merchant crew and passengers, it’s a stupid idea, give Somalia a leg up and stop treating it like a toilet.

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Looks like a Europe problem to me. If they’re going to kill American’s for something someone else did we need to go kick a little pirate ass.

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Sounds like a great idea to me. They can also put Army Rangers on the boats.

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The idea would work, but would be an INCREDIBLE waste of resources for very little gain.

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Great idea, and you might not have to do it for very long before the word gets out and curtails traffic.

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Like the police and their bait cars? This sounds okay on the surface.

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the ACLU would probably cry “entrapment!”

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or the PCLU, in this case…

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This is a good idea. Like what joker94 we could troll them because they suck.

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@mammal Really? or are you putting that out there just to be different again. Give Somalia a leg -up? You ever heard of “Blackhawk Down”? That was THE attempt to do a leg-up there. Reprisals, yeah. The place IS a toilet, barely qualifies as a sovereign country. Prove it to us it is not or maybe move there and be their friend or maybe join a pirate crew and get powned by the US Navy, or the French.

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Absolutely. I would love to be there. In fact, maybe I will sign up. I totally hate those fucking pirate assholes.

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@woodcutter I’ve been there (maybe you too). It is worse than a toilet. At least you can clean a toilet.

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@josie Nope never been there but somehow I don’t think it is on anyone’s bucket list. Calling it a toilet is an insult to toilets everywhere. Somalia is a shit hole. At least a toilet, even though dirty ,can bee cleaned with a little work. A shithole is just a hole, with well….shit in it.You clean those up by burying it, better if you set it on fire first.

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@woodcutter I just wanted to point out that Somalia hasn’t been a “sovereign” nation really in almost 20 years.

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I see this is an old question, but, yes…

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