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If Fluther had Gods, which Jellies would make up the Pantheon?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) February 22nd, 2011

Who would you pick, and what would they preside over?

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Astrochuck would be Loki

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Well, Ben and Andrew would be something like Zeus and Jupiter, and Augustlan would be Hera. Seazen would have to be some god that could change a lot. Simon de Beauvoir would be Eros. Jeruba would be Athena. And JilltheTooth would be Dionysus, god of parties.

There are so many jellies and so many gods. It’s difficult to match them all up.

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Fluther does have gods. They are Ben and Andrew. We worships dem.

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Great question. I don’t know enough yet to answer but I’ll be following this. I think Ben and Andrew can co-occupy the position of Zeus, no? Or maybe because they created Fluther they can be some primordial protogenoic deity. Oceanus, maybe, as according to Homer…. Would also fit the sea theme.

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Using taxonomic consistency as a standard for “deification”, Dog could be Cerberus. :-o

JK- she only has one head, is really all vulpes and no familiaris, and is the antithesis of ferocity. ;-p

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Ben and Andrew would be the two at the top, creators of the universe.

Augustlan is the Goddess of logic and reason.

Shiloh is the God of health with many important minions (Minyan might be more approproate as they all seem to be Jewish) helping him. If we were Catholic and not Greek, these doctors might be saints to pray to and ask for advice.

Jeruba is the Goddess of Babel.

Astrochuck is the God of Written Messaging (does that make sense to use messaging that way?).

There are also Gods of Sustenance here, but I am not sure who they are. And, Gods of Technology.

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I don’t know, but I probably wouldn’t believe in them.

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Maybe @gailcalled could be Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess.

Fyrius bears a strong family resemblance to Anubis , god of the dead.

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What the hay, am I supposed to disbelieve in myself now?

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Don’t you?

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I’ve always believed in myself, but that was when I was a regular non-divine person.
Hey, if I just don’t believe in any power higher than us Fluther deities, does that still count as atheism?

Also, if I’m god of the dead, am I supposed to kill people, or do I just drive the Afterlife Express?

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Adirondackwannabe is the God of the Adirondacks.

Vunessuh is the Goddess of Spatulas.

Coloma is the Goddess of Geese.

Bob_ is the God of Sandwiches.

Jeruba is the Goddess of Literature.

Neffie is the Goddess of Neffieness.

Dog is the Goddess of Fleas.

Jillthetooth is the Goddess of Teeth.

KatawayGray is the Goddess of Hotbluechicks.

Ivan is God of the Galaxy.

Simone is the Goddess of Sex.

Chocolatereigns is the Goddess of (duh) Chocolate.

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I suppose marinelife would have to be the lurve goddess.

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I’m a fluther athiest. You are only as divine as your last comment.

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@Fyrius Yes, that’s what I am; a Flutheist, at least in the context of this question. Very good. That’s a keeper. :-)

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Vunessuh is Aphrodite. Bob is Bob, and that’s god enough for ya. BlueRoses is the goddess of reason, Fiddle Playing Creole Bastard is just awesome, and if a god for zombies exist, I’m calling it.

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Quality answers all around, y’all! The First Church of Fluther may be organized sooner than we dare think..

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Hell yeah. The streets will flow with the blood of the unbelievers!

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Death to the unbelievers!

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Oh shi-

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Bow down, for I am Char-Set, the Ancient Egyptian God of Unicode! ☥

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also, Peace ☮ ☺✌

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& communism ☭

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I don’t think free love is that popular on fluther.

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