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Where can I get accurate sales forecast examples for an online business plan?

Asked by cityshark (100points) April 15th, 2008

I need to get comparative answers to calulate a sales revenue forecast sheet for my online business plan.

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Good Luck

I have been in corporate finance for over 30 years and there is absolutely no such thing as an accurate sales forecast. They are never right. The best you can hope for is maybe a 90% accuracy rate and even that is optimistic..

If you are assembling a business plan then you should have some idea of how many customers you are going to attract or how many widgets you figure to sell in the first quarter, second quarter, etc, and a broad range of pricing that you can support. What are you basing your business plan on ?

Arer you looking for competitive data? That’‘s not easy to find in a market composed of small operations that are privately held.

Not sure what to suggest..


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A forecast is not meant to be “accurate”, because you need it in the present state (for banks, investors, etc), while it predicts the future. What it should be is sound, logic, and built on known facts logic assumptions. If for example you write in your forecast that you expect a conversion rate of 100% of your site visitors to paying customers, then obviously this assumption is not rational, nor is 0.000000%. So the most important thing is the rational behind your business plan and financial forecasts. My suggestion to you is to read a full business-plan for an online business, and put extra attention to the explanations regarding the numbers, assumptions, prices and quantity. You can then use this to reflect on the logic and assumptions in your online business.

You can find here a business plan for an online business

Best of luck,

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