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What is the best brand of tennis shoes?

Asked by littlekori (676points) February 23rd, 2011

I have really bad shin splints and I believe that they have turned into stress fractures and the school trainer said it’s because of my running shoes. I run track so I wear tennis shoes a lot!

What do you think is the best brand of tennis shoes that has a lot of support and could possibly relieve my shin pain.

Also, does anyone know where I can get women triple jump spikes? I can’t seem to find any in stores and online I can only find men TJ spikes.

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I have a pair of K-Swiss that I love. They have just the right amount of support and give in the right places. I can’t address the shin splints as I have never suffered with that.

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I have wide feet and Ifind I get hte est fit from New Balance sneakers.

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I’m not into brand names I just go for what is comfortable & practical as I do a lot of trekking. Just go for what fit for purpose, if I was to suggest a brand I’d say ‘Karrimor’ as I seem to have several pairs of these….. they have good all round support :-/

Must be something in it…………………
Can’t help with the spikes sorry…...

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New Balance. All my older friends with foot issues swear by them.

My feet are in good shape, but I have a walking pair and a running pair that help things along.

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The best brand (IMHO) for women are Ryka

They really are molded better for women’s feet/balance. The next choice for me is the same as @janbb & @aprilsimnel=New Balance.

I recently made the costly mistake of buying a super cool pair of Nike’s…UGH! They will be donated, as they kill my toes after only minutes of walking/jogging.

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Yeah! I have a piar of nikes and they killed my shins!

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@littlekori I am assuming you mean sneakers? Many people might assume you literally mean sneakers for playing tennis. I know the midwest, and some other parts of the US, say tennis shoes for all sneakers, but it is sort of kind of inaccurate. From what you wrote it seems clear you mean running shoes or running sneakers, but your initial question showing up in our question list doesn’t mean that, just letting you know, because it might limit the answers you get. I think New Balance are some of the best by the way. If you go to a New Balance store they will evaluate how you stand, the pressure you put on your feet and how you lean, and suggest a pair of sneakers that will align you best.

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I like New Balance.I suppose it depends on your feet.Mine like New Balance.Did I just say that?Or did my feet? ;0

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anime sic in corpore sanos! ASICS

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From what I understand what brand would be good for one person may not be good for another. You should go and talk to a salesperson that specializes in running shoes. They can do a check on your shoes to see if you pronate at all.

You really should have the shin splints checked by a doctor. You may not have shin splints at all. I started having problems with my shins in highschool, put it down to shin splints and eventually had to stop running because of them. Just recently (I’m 38) I found out that I actually have compartment syndrome and the only way to fix it is to operate on the offending muscle.

Only a doctor will be able to diagnose you properly.

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I really like Nike Air – been buying those for years. Turns out my new boss does too.

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Don’t put stock in the brand, because a brand for one person isn’t necessarily good for another.

I would recommend going to a place like REI, or maybe some other specialty shop, where they can actually fit you for a shoe, find out what your pronation is… etc. and then guide you to the models that would work best for you.

That said, I own a pair of Nike Free Run + and it’s amazing. Very light, minimalist running shoe.

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Go with the swoosh.

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