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Where can I find a warehouse/office type space in SoCal to rent for a small convention/gathering?

Asked by windex (2932points) February 23rd, 2011

It’s for a meetup/brainstorming/educational purposes, for a creative/artsy online community. It has to be indoors, with some desks/chairs (worst case scenario I can purchase chairs)

It’s kind of an open-source/free discussion forum, so I’m just gonna pay it out of my pocket. It can’t be too expensive unfortunately. Maybe something like twice a month depending on how it goes.

We’ll be using laptops but power outlets would be nice. I know this is dumb, but I was thinking of renting a storage facility (but it’s probably illegal)

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We rent “Meeting rooms” at local hotel. 3–4 times a month…apx 200–250 a month (split by members)
Power, Heat, A/C, Chairs, table, Internet,food deliveries….

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Check with lower tier hotels, like a Holiday Inn or a Crowne Plaza. They have smaller meeting rooms and are cost competitive.

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Movie theaters will rent rooms in the daytime, but that might not work if you really need desks.
Do you know anyone who is a Country Club member? They have meeting rooms. Check the Eagles and Lyons Clubs too. They will usually rent rooms for daytime events.

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Oh I’m so dumb, thank you so much.

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Consider downtown LA. They have lots of GREAT venues downtown that would definitely help the creativity flow. And with the economy and the want for business, there are deals to be had. There is a place on the corner lot of the southwest corner of 4th Street and Spring street that can be rented for galleries, artsy stuff . . . it’s awesome. and it would attract interest

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