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Help identify a speculative fiction story?

Asked by theninth (1638points) February 23rd, 2011

This is a short story about a family who are mocked/made fun of/thought to be weird because of the things they do/like.

After a time, tired of the teasing, they move away and everything that they did and were mocked for becomes popular. Of course, by that point, the family is into new things.

Essentially, the family is just slightly ahead of everyone else as far as trends go. It’s speculative fiction, but might have been marketed as science fiction.

It was very likely written and/or published in the late 1950s or during the 1960s. It feels like a Ray Bradbury story, but we haven’t been able to find it in any of his collections.

I can’t guess if it’s an American or English author.

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I’m not sure but it reminds me of The Big Orange Splot. A children’s book by Pinkwater.

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Not sure, but your description reminds me “The Rolling Stones” by Robert Heinlein. Stone is the family name. It was written in about 1952.

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I’m not even going to admit to how much time I spent trying to work my google-fu to come up with an answer for you. Needless to say, I FAILED. You might consider asking for help at the Escape Artists forum. They’re rather more specialized for this sort of question.

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