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Why do political questions so often boil down to economic issues? Is it healthy?

Asked by caffelatte (2points) February 23rd, 2011

This essay should have 1200–1500 words. No more no less. Make sure to include a thesis statement in your first paragraph and structure your argument along the lines of – claim – grounds..grounds secondary claim… grounds.. etc. A conclusion is likewise essential.”
Im supposed to choose one, or two political questions and then find how are they related to economics. How should I do that. What questions should I pick ? I do not really understand the term ‘political question’ so I dont know how to write this essay.

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We DON’T do homework.

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Do this:

politicians are liars, everyone knows that. Most are idiots too, that’s how we know they are liars. Teachers are in the pay of politicians, so they are obviously more stupid that politicians, can you even believe that!?

I reckon that could even get you 100%!

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choose one, or two political questions and then find how are they related to economics? Shouldn’t be too difficult since everything can be related to economics and ‘money makes the world go round’

And yeah, we don’t do homework, most of us done ours years ago.

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You said that your trouble stems from not understanding the term “political question.” Here are a couple explanations to get you started.

@cazzie and @Odysseus It’s true that we don’t do homework, but the OP is not asking us to write the essay. The OP asked how to write it because he/she does not understand the question.

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Politics and the economy are joined at the hip. At the risk of sounding New-Agey, every field ties into every other field someplace. I believe that it’s called “holism.”

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You need to do your own homework. But keep in mind that when people’s economic situation is depressed, it affects how they thing about most everything.

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