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How do you approach problems in your life?

Asked by glenjamin (2497points) February 23rd, 2011

Do you confront them head on or shy away and try to avoid them?

Do you have a set of steps you use to solve problems in your life?

Does your sense of self-discipline factor into this? How/Why?

Do you have a ‘modus operandi’ that you use frequently when it comes to facing life’s many problems? What is it?

Be as long or short-winded as you prefer. I like details though, so the more descriptive the better.

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To win, overcome or turn into a lesson.

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Quickly and simply. Say my daughter wants to go to the zoo today. Oh, no, it’s raining. What to do, what to do…. Just take her to a Children’s museum. They’re about the same cost and she likes them both the same. Daddy/Daughter Day isn’t cancelled due to rain. Problem solved.

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I face problems head on. The manner changes depending on the situation. I tend to think of nothing but the problem for days and then possible solutions start coming to the forefront. After more thinking I decide on a plan of attack and then execute that plan.

I think I would go mad if I were to try to ignore problems.

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The best way and with the best attitude I possibly can.

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Muddle and obsess, muddle and obsess; sometimes clarity emerges in the middle of the night.

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Problems? What problems?

La – la – la – la – la – la – LA – LA – LA – I can’t hear you.

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@dreamer31 GA, sometimes that IS the best attitude I can muster up.

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Take a nap and hope they self correct. Fix or deal with them if they don’t.

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There is always a “third way.”

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I ignore them—nothing lasts forever.

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Always head on, always as soon as I can, especially if it concerns people.

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First I decide if I even should confront the problem- I try to look at it from everyone’s viewpoint the best I can, and then ask myself if it’s worth the energy or potential broken relationships it may cost. Basically, I pick my battles.

If I’m going to confront it, I usually think through my points and make sure I have a logical reasoning that’s not just based on emotions. Then, I confront my offender in the most non-threatening, “let’s solve this, I don’t like being upset with you” sort of tone I can come up with. Usually, it works.

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I’m with @CaptainHarley. I spend time thinking about how many different ways the problem can be solved, or if it’s even my problem to solve in the first place, and if my attempt to “solve” it will actually make it worse (that happens a lot.) Sleep and time fix a lot of things, so do apologies, if needed.

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Head on works best for me.;)

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I’m a rather fly by the seat of my pants type, but, I am also action oriented and have a pragmatic side.

I try to remember that all I can do is one thing at a time and take whatever steps I can in the moment.

I have really learned to let go in my maturity, I am not at all bothered by neurotic worry, I figure I can and will handle what happens when it happens.

The journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step.

It is wise advice to not allow yourself to castastrophize anything, always do your best, and trust yourself and ‘God’ that the right action at the right time will materialize. ;-)

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Let’s an awkward naked wrestling match, that I want to get over as quickly as possible if I can.

Or like a sculptor, slowly chiseling away, being very deliberate.

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I tend to like to talk things out with someone I trust first. Once I have done that though, I usually make a decision and then act on it. If it is something that is bothering me, sometimes I will act very suddenly. I can’t handle having things hanging over me.

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Disregard first line of my previous post completely. Please, I’m begging you. *Let’s should be *like! I really really really didn’t mean to imply some sort of invitation. Yikes. This is awkward, kinda like nude wrestling. The joke wasn’t as funny as it was in my head, before I used the wrong word that is. Does the excuse, “I was drunk at the time work?” No. I thought not. Darn. Oh gosh, probably no one noticed except me, I shouldn’t have mentioned it at all. Mortified. “Maybe I can convince them this was auto-correct? Oh no, why bother now, I’m just digging a deeper hole”.

So….I think the statement, ”let’s go for ice cream,” articulates, one of the better solutions to many many problems.

Distraction, and pretending problems don’t exist is totally awesome.

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I’ll try until I can’t try anymore. Then I run away! :D

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This morning, ( right now ) I calmly solved the problem of no phones and waiting on the big snow storm by packing up my laptop and heading into the zone to my local bakery/coffee house with my laptop.

A nice cinnamon latte, a piece of fresh cherry pie and fluthering while a dog in snow boots wanders around. lol

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