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Tips for making sure my underwear is clean when I die?

Asked by FutureMemory (24491points) February 23rd, 2011

I’d hate for the coroner to see skidmarks…

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They won’t be. Your body relaxes when you die. Your bodily functions let go.

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Why don’t you just get a tattoo of some tightie whities?
Or tightie brownies?? XD

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Freeball til you die.

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If you leave your clean underwear at home and never wear any, they’ll be certain to be clean when you die, because they’ll be sitting cleanly in your underwear drawer.

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These are all great suggestions. Keep ‘em coming.

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Don’t worry, no matter what your undies look like, the EMS responders and coroner have seen worse. You could try wearing only dark and/or “print” undies if you really care. And change them every day.

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Don’t get scared and leave marks in them? LOL! Seriously, I have no idea because it’s not as though we can plan when we die to make sure there’s no skid marks in them beforehand,

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You may want a “death” friend. This is the person you have throw out your porn/sex toys so your family won’t see them. You will most likely have to pay the friend extra to make certain your undies are clean.

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Not a bad idea, @SpatzieLover. Gives new meaning to the expression, “He’s got my back”.

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@SpatzieLover That’s great, but that would have to be one incredibly awesome friend! those can be hard to come by

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Keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in your underwear or a Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover shoved umm er well, Mr. Clean Magic Pants may be my next new invention thanks to this thread.

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Edit: For some morbid reason I was thinking of suicide, in which case you’d be able to prepare beforehand. I don’t think you’d otherwise want to give yourself an enema every day in case you happen to die.

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@absalom It depends on how paranoid you are, I suppose.

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@FutureMemory – One can never be too paranoid. (Or can one?)

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Wear black underwear.

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@talljasperman or green (bile) so sorry

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@bob_ Why black? Nothing black has ever come out of my body.

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@FutureMemory um, it will depending on how you die

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@talljasperman It would not look as dirty, but then you probably would be better off following @talljasperman‘s advice.

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Have an enema, put on crisp, clean panties and then kill yourself.

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I’d like to make it very clear that I intend to die a natural death. Hopefully with clean undies.

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Um, yeah, my last comment was directed at @FutureMemory, by the way.

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