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My Crosley (piece of junk record player) won't work. Can I fix it?

Asked by Jeremycw1 (1370points) February 23rd, 2011

I’m borrowing my friends P.O.S. record player for awhile til I get mine fixed… but the turntable simply won’t turn… it was before, but when it got to the end of a record, it stopped and won’t start again. Is there something I need to reset? Or do I need to take it apart? I just don’t want to have to buy him a new one. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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A turntable is a very delicate device, and you won’t believe how many people accidentally breaks something trying to fix their turntable. Also, if you are trying to take it apart yourself, it’s best to have the service manual with you because it has exploded views of the parts and can prove to be very useful if you get in trouble. If you don’t have experiences of playing around with turntables and you don’t have the service manual, I strongly recommend that you take it to a professional.

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@cynicaldeath Yeah, I figured they were very touchy devices. It’s probably not even worth trying to fix… He picked it up at Target. I think i will take your advice and take it to a professional. Thanks!

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If it was bought at Target it probably won’t pay to fix it, cheaper to start over with a new one. Then you would be free to open up that one if only for curiosity sake.

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Crosley might repair it for you at little charge – the CD player on mine died, and having them fix it was more cost-effective than buying a new one.

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@Nullo that sounds like a good idea… I’m going to try to get it fixed locally first but I doubt anyone in town will do it. I think sending it into Crosley is a good idea. Thanks!

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I have a crosley CR20–003A music writer and the cd recorder will not open when I try to load a cd, tells me to load a cd but will not open, it seems to be hanging on something.

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