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When was the last time you were "bursting at the seams" with pride?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30390points) February 23rd, 2011

I’m in the last 2 weeks of rehearsals for a play. I play a character, and I’m the producer, so I’ve worked very hard on this. Not only that, but it’s a play that I’ve been trying to bring to the stage in my little town for 1.5 years.

Tonight, we had a guest director come and critique us. This man is my town’s toughest critic, and he laughed. He genuinely laughed at places. It felt amazing to be performing for him and to hear him laugh.

I’m so proud right now I could burst.

When was the last time you were this proud?

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Well done!

The last time for me was a few days ago. I’ve been in my new job for about six weeks now, and am gradually gaining more responsibilities and independence. Each time I am given more trust, and prove that it is well placed, I feel just like that.

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Two weeks ago, at art class, where my picture (for the first time) got voted the best by everyone else in the class.

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Well done, all of you! I generally feel proud when my kids do something great. Whether it’s an excellent report card, a creative endeavor they’re proud of, or a sweet gesture, it kind of makes my heart sing.

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My best friend was accepted into grad school. :D She’d been out of academia for a few years and she was really not confident in her chances of being accepted. She applied to four schools and we’re still waiting to hear back from her first choice, but she really didn’t expect to get into any of them, so I’m feeling ridiculously proud.

Also, the other day my father’s cousin’s 16-year-old daughter sent me a text message to make sure I knew about what’s going on in Libya, and that I was getting my news from a more reliable source than the American media. She is so amazingly awesome. Not at all one of the typical “kids these days.” We talked current events and politics until past midnight. The world may be in a shitty state, but the fact that she cares so much is definitely a silver lining for me. It’s especially wonderful to me because her parents are FOX News-watchers. She’s definitely thinking for herself. I love it.

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I’m really enjoying the posts on this thread so far. Wonderful stuff. Thanks, everybody. Keep it coming.

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I don’t know if I ever feel that way about myself? Maybe it has just been a long time? Now I feel like I have to psychoanalyze it LOL. I have been very proud of my husband recently, he impresses me constantly. His ambition and success in his career, his determination. I was just on vacation with a girlfriend and out of nowhere she said, “your husband is one of those people when I call a company I feel almost intimidated by his title/position, but I know him as just Joe who likes fast cars and has a nice smile and cute accent.” Even for me living with him and knowing him during his entire career journey I kind of think that. This sweet guy I have fun with is so amazing in so many ways.

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I’m pretty easy to please sometimes even by the small things, like when my dog is well behaved and wants to be everybody’s friend out on the trail and behaves like a lady, and times her farts so as not to do it when others are around. Of course that part is shear luck but I’ll take it.

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When my daughter achieved her Arts degree. It took her many years to achieve this, due to ill health, but on that day both my SO and myself were puffed up like a peacock!!
BTW Well done you.

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Two times recently:

1. I installed my new dryer all by myself and it worked! :P
2. My oldest daughter had a piece of her artwork displayed at the Multicultural Art Exhibit at our local high school.

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Last December when my family and my fiancee’s family spent time together for several holiday meals. I worked so hard to make sure all the bills were paid in full, all goodies paid for up front so we could just enjoy one another and relax. It was nice.

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It’d probably be last year, when I got accepted to the MA program at the University of Toronto and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The year before I was accepted to the program at Middlebury in Vermont, but I didn’t end up going because I couldn’t afford to. Anyway, being accepted to the top 3 programs in my field felt pretty damn good.

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Congratulations, everyone. I love hearing all this great stuff that jellies are up to.

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I am so proud for you that is so amazing !
The last time I felt like bursting at the seams , is when my grandchildren were born , which one was born about 5 months ago and I’m still busting at the seams .

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it was when my 2 year old baby sister, tried to comfort a total stranger’s baby when she was crying.we were in the bus and the woman and her baby were sittin next to us.
she goes and pats the baby sayin “cute baby, ..dont cry”
MY heart just swelled up with pride there and then and i felt like crying.She’s just soo adorable…and it makes me proud to be her sister.

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@queenie That is the most freakin’ adorable thing I have heard in a very long time. Kids are so awesome sometimes. (Also, I read that as “my 2 year old baby sitter” at first. Where the hell have my glasses gone?)

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