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What would be a good thesis statement for The Kite Runner?

Asked by jdogg (871points) February 23rd, 2011 from iPhone

I need to write an essay about The Kite Runner and I want the thesis to be about the influence of government\politics on peoples lives. It must be a narrow thesis but universal, not only should I be able to apply to the story but Antibes life?

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We don’t do homework for people, but we can offer guidance and feedback. Why don’t you tell us what you’ve come up with (after reading the book) and let us offer comments on it?

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What does Antibes life have to do with the Afganistan culture and history? (That’s not an idea for a thesis statement but a question from me.)

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Well, the paper was long done, and a success, however I wasn’t looking for my thesis just given to me, but maybe a brainstorm of ideas. I would never just right down someones exact idea. By the way, also, I’m not sure what or why Antibes is in the question, I guess it must have been a typo, but thank you for your help!!!

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