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How do I fix the audio problems I'm having with my MacBook Pro outputting through HDMI?

Asked by fortris (680points) February 24th, 2011

This is too oddly specific to google, but the basic problem I’m having is that while in the Windows partition (yes, specifically windows) of my MacBook Pro (not sure if that’s related or not) the audio sometimes decreases in volume and then increases again in odd intervals. If the TV is the problem it’s a Vizio XVT473SV. (although none of the other HDMI imputs have this problem).

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If it works correctly while in Mac os x, but doesn’t work correctly in windows, that proves that its a software issue. Are you able to get a different audio driver in windows? Have to googled your issue to find out if it’s common?

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@Silence04 Googling is exactly the issue, it’s a weirdly specific problem and all of the search results are for audio not working entirely. I think I’m just gonna have to live with the audio being buggy.

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