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Should i give up?

Asked by LEXii0x (2points) April 15th, 2008

i was w/ someone for 2 months & then we broke up. before that we would talk ALL the time & always chilled. we stayed close after we broke up, & about a month ago we stopped talking. his gf came up to me to find out the deal between us (i didnt know it was his gf,) & hes ignored me since, i havent really tried to talk to him though. he dated this girl before, & they are completley over and hes not w/ anyone. any other time weve gotten into a fight or w/e he would ALWAYS text me. i dont think he hates me cause its not like hes rude, & we have the same friends so he would have said something to someone & i would have found out, but when i see him or something we just walk past eachother. we were friends before we dated I still really care about him & wanna talk to him even if it is just as friends. people tell me to text him or w/e but idk. im afraid that he wont answer. should i text him (what should i say?) or just give up?
PS: i have to see him ALOT in school, and idk if i should say something or continue ignoring him. if you think i should say something please let me know what i should say. any help you can give would be GREAT! thanks!

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How old are you? And welcome to Fluther.

I’d say, from my experience, that after dating someone, the two of you talking has to be a mutual thing. If she’s not talking to you then just be nice put on a smile and say hello to her in the hallways. Whereas if she keeps talking to you anyways then nothing needs to be done.

It’s pretty much up to the one giving the silent treatment.

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but what does this have to do with it?

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The maturity of the relationship and the members involved has everything to do with it.

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well i ignore him and he ignores me back so its not really like one is ignoring the other more ya know?

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Yeah, I’d just text him and ask him whats up, see how he’s doing. If he pushes you away or acts boring / uninterested I’d give up. But if he starts talking to you it will eventually progress into talking at school again.

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k thanks!
i have a break coming up in a couple of days.
should i wait until then? or just get it over with?

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I’d say do it right now, just spontaneously.

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k thanks a lot for your help!
i tried putting this on yahoo answers but it didnt work out too well hahaa

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yea what harm could it do to just text and say hey, whats been going on lately. or hey hows life.? do as breefield said, text and wait for a reply. you’ve made your move and see how he counteracts . more than likely , if he is a true friend he will start back talking to ya again

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i shouldnt say anything like why havent you been talking to me?

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No Because you have been ignoring him too. Just say Hi and tell him you miss talking to him, and ask him how he has been. If he replies, you’re good to go, But if he doesn’t then let it go. But I think it would be better to talk to him face to face. You can tell more by his expression when he answers you than relying on a text message.

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