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Where can I buy vintage Swiss Army Rucksack?

Asked by claireho (1points) February 24th, 2011

It would be better for me to buy it from a company since the quantities that my friends and I are going to buy are more than five. We are the fan of rugged army stuff and would love to buy this kind of bag for traveling use. =)

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I believe that Fox Outdoor sells such things.

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@Nullo, Fox Outdoor is a wholesaler and only sells to registered retailers. Got anywhere else?

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Nothing comes to mind.

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Thank you all. =)
Are there any Swiss companies selling it?
My friends and I are wondering that it may be cheaper to buy them directly from Sweden?

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Errr, @claireho, “Swiss” ==> Switzerland, not Sweden. ;-P

Tangent: when my parents first visited Germany, they wondered why everyone spoke Dutch.

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If you buy them from Switzerland you’ll have to pay for shipping. I know there are a million website to buy them. Lots of places have Army/Navy Surplus stores that sell these kinds of things.

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Yeah I understand but I don’t live neither in the US nor in Europe so I definitely need to pay for shipping. I think the price will be higher in the US since the final selling price will include freight from Switzerland to the US and customs.

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check They have cool vintage swiss army stuff… I bought an army bike there few weeks ago

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