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Can you help me find a website about freemasons that is reliable and un-biased?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) February 24th, 2011

I’m sort of bored and I heard my uncle talking about how the presidents are all in this secret society and whatnot (he’s big into conspiracy theories, and I don’t really pay them any mind), but I’m curious about their history.

Most of the sites I’ve found are extremely anti-freemasony, and I’d rather get reliable information, but I’m not sure where to go.

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Dan Brown‘s popular fiction novels, like The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol explore a lot of the history of free masonry and its roots.

Of course, the point of his books is to entertain more than inform, but still you might be able to glean some interesting information along the way. If nothing else, you’ll have bits of information to investigate – a direction to follow – instead of just wandering aimlessly.

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@robmandu : I read those, but I thought that those books were about the Illuminati.

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Wikipwedia has a pretty good, comprehensive article.

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@marinelife : Really? I don’t know if that’s so reliable, but it’s a start!

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It’s a secret society. You will not find any real information on it unless you become one.
I know a few people who belong they themselves divulge zero information to non members.

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@blueiiznh : Rats. Where do I sign up? xD

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It varies from getting an invite to contacting a local Masonic Lodge. It is of complete free will.
Grand Lodges do not admit women. Some non mainstream bodies do.

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He’s not strictly unbiased, but Jim Marrs is a decent source. You might have to resort to reading a book instead of a Web site.

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Mr. Fiance is interested in Freemasonry as well, and he has a few books by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. There’s The Hiram Key, The Book of Hiram, and The Second Messiah to start with. When I was working at a bookstore, I was speaking with a man who came in to look for books by Knight and Lomas, and I noticed his Mason ring, and commented on it. He said that one of his fellow Masons had recommended those authors. I can’t speak personally for their accuracy, but the man I spoke with had been told that they were good.

He also told me that the local chapter would be willing to share some info with Mr. Fiance if he were to contact them (he never ended up doing it – I think he got cold feet in the end). But yeah, like @blueiiznh said, it’s very rare for them to admit women.

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The Hiram Key is about the ONLY book that I can suggest. Just choose what you read with care, because there is a lot of garbage out there.

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Use the resource guide at the bottom of the page on wikipedia it will more than likely have good information

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