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For those of you who like churches, which one would you choose?

Asked by Aster (19984points) February 24th, 2011

You have to choose church A or church B. Which one gets your vote:
Church A: you love the music; it’s electronic w/a terrific sound system. They have songs you love and lots of programs. They don’t ask for money because they always have a surplus. The minister is great; terrific , moving sermons. You only know two people who go. You subscribe to their beliefs but find some of them too conservative. They have a huge membership.
Church B: the music is nice but they only have one organ with a microphone on it. Some songs are great; others you’ve never heard before. The sermons aren’t very deep or moving and you find your mind wandering. Your daughter’s large, extended family are all members going back for generations and there are lots of hugs and greetings at every turn. You feel very welcome and part of the family. You subscribe to their beliefs but the denomination is losing members.
which one, if you like church at all, would you attend?

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