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What movie character would you want to come visit you for a week?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) February 24th, 2011

If you could pick any character out of a movie to come live with you for a week, who would it be and why? You can’t dictate how they’re going to behave – they complete complete with their character’s baggage and habits. So Laura Croft is probably going to be busy finding someone more interesting than you, and 007 might just have to kill you.

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I want to take Quint from Jaws out on my boat.
He is the man for me. ;)

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Joe Pesci’s character in Goodfellas, Tommy Devito. I’d make that mother fucker laugh! “Funny how?” “Like a clown?” Oh yeah!

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I wouldn’t mind a visit from the lawyer Atticus Finch from “To Kill A Mockingbird”. He was one of the most heartwarming, kind, compassionate, and worldly individuals I’ve ever been introduced to in a movie. I think spending time with someone like that for a week can’t help but make you a better person and realize how precious and beautiful life can be.

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Aint Bea from the Andy Griffin Show~Mayberry RFD, I could use a week’s break from cooking and cleaning and some old fashion wisdom to boot.

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The Leprechaun

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Mary Poppins. She can tidy my house.

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Ace Ventura, because he is hilarious.

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King Leonidas from the 300 spartans,
I would take him to my place of work to kick some arse & to teach my co-workers some discipline & respect & how to work effectively as a team, they could do with geeing up as the current man in charge is never anywhere to be seen on the battlefield so to speak! :-/

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Gus from Lonesome Dove- fell in love with that character, and I could use a ‘poke’.

Joker94's avatar

Elwood P. Dowd from Harvey, ‘cause he’s got a serious zest for life

Kardamom's avatar

Severus snape. I would be an insolent school girl and spend each day un-buttoning another button on his frock until…

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I would like batman to pay me a visit, though i know he might be pretty psycho

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I would take Britain from the anime series Hetalia. They technically adapted it into a movie, so I’m good. I’m not sure what a cartoon character would look like in real life, though.

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Melissa Peterman, she is so funny

TexasDude's avatar

Indiana Jones.

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Tyler Durden
We would hang out until I discover that I have dissociative identity disorder and we’re the same person! What a twist!

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The Doctor!

I would totally try to mooch a sonic off him.

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Josie McClellan. She can bring the horse.

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Natalie Portman. I don’t care which movie she comes from.

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Spider man. :-)

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I really intended to say Tyler Durden, even before I read @Michael_Huntington‘s response. I just need things to be shaken up in a way that Tyler Durden would come in handy for. Also, that is the only role he played that I’ve ever found Brad Pitt to be insanely sexy.

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The genie from “Aladdin”. I’ve got a few wishes I wanna see come true. >;)

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Jeff Spicoli

All he needs are some tasty waves and a cool buzz.

What’s not to like?

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@peridot lol, so do i.
maybe, batman. BIG fan of him.

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Sebastian Flyte, I’d want to be his friend.

I did think of Tyler Durden he could to me how to make soap, even earlier than @JmacOroni :D and strangely my next thought was the djinni from Arabian Nights, (technically not a movie) I’m not sure I’d want to be stuck with Robin Williams for a week, I mean he’s hilarious but…Also, there’s no three wishes rule with the other one.

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Oooo… I’m getting all tingly. Is that my Spider-sense or something else? Wait,... let me check… Yep, it’s something else.

While a week of unbridled activity with a passionate woman would surely leave us both with lifetime of pleasant memories, if I had to pick only one person I’d like to spend a week with MacGyver.
We could have daily challenges:
Given a paper clip, turkey baster, nasal spray and room deodorizer, move this rock.
Or, given only duct tape and a Swiss army knife, see who can reach the top of that tree first.
Or, given a bottle of Mercurochrome, a pizza cutter, a mirror, a condom, a sample bottle of Spyritus, and a tube of K-Y jelly, see who could displace the ‘Daffy Khadafy’ from his office.
A lifetime of fun and skills would be had.

If I could pick two people, my answer would be completely different – passion would definitely be included.

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