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Can anything be percieved as a sexual innuendo?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) April 15th, 2008

also, did you ever google anything innocent and have something pop up thats completely inapropriate? (teletubbies dont count)

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Freud would probably think so.

If one is creative enough, yes. Should it be? If that’s the paradigm you choose, then maybe.

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@PW: wasn’t it Sigmund who said, “Sometimes a good cigar is just a smoke”?

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everything to me is!

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That’s funny, maybe it’s more characteristic of a Freudian than Freud himself.

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Pretty much!...if you know what I mean ;) :P

@Gail, yes it was. I don’t think that’s the exact quote but I know what you’re talking about and it was Freud.

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@ppcakes…That’s what she said…

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@glial, you know it!

ps__ i am the she that said it!

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