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How do I get static cling out of a skirt?

Asked by Supacase (14533points) February 24th, 2011

I have no dryer sheets and Static Guard isn’t working. The only slip I have is several inches shorter than the skirt. I have a funeral to go to and major static.

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Putting lotion on your legs should make the skirt stop clinging to them. You can even put a thin layer of lotion on top of tights or nylons if you are wearing them. Just make sure you bring some extra lotion with you in case the effect wears off.

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A really light coat of hair spray may work for you, too, depending on the material. Obviously don’t use it on silk or something like that.

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I usually just use a light spray of water on the inside of the fabric.

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Thank you. Hopefully one of these will work.

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I’ve used hair spray years ago…just a bit. Also, I believe there IS or WAS a product called “Static Cling.” Also, maybe dryer sheets. Sorry about the reason you need this advice.

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@Supacase Were you able to manage the static while you were out?

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Just got back in town from the funeral. Another family member had dryer sheets, so I wiped one over the front and back of the skirt and on my hose. I had hairspray, lotion and water ready to go, too.

Thanks for the tips.

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