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Does Qaddafi know he's toast?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) February 24th, 2011

I was reading an analyst at BBC who was saying that Qaddafi’s style of speaking, right now, is designed to rally his supporters. It sounds so buffoonish to outsiders, though.

Ok, I understand why he would act this way. But what I wonder is whether he completely believes his own rhetoric, or if he has a different perspective (a perspective one might call more realistic) that he doesn’t share. What do you think?

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Like most politicians, I think his rhetoric is properly designed to appeal to his audience – whether it’s true or not is almost secondary.

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This behavior is typical for tyrants who know their days are numbered.

If I recall correctly, Hitler and Goebbels really cranked up the propaganda in the last days of the Nazi regime in a desperate effort to convince their rapidly shrinking base that everything was still peachy keen, even as the Soviets, the US, UK, and pretty much everyone else was knocking at their door.

It’s sort of the same thing in Libya. Now that the International community has finally pulled their heads out of their asses and are bearing down on our greasy friend Qaddafi, he’s upping the rhetoric to rally what support he has left. A last stand, if you will. Perhaps it’s psychological? Maybe the dying want to talk themselves into believing they are immortal, if you catch my drift?

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I think he does believe it because he has used this style of rhetoric for the last 40 years with great success. He is just about at the end of the road but if he admits it he is burnt toast.

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He may know he’s toast but he’s going to take a lot of butter down with him.

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I am not sure he is any longer in touch with reality. His speech today was utterly whacked out. He said the US and al Qaeda are working together to create the protests. Then he claimed that there were psychedelic drugs in the coffee and milk causing people to protest. He linked the problem to the Una-bomber. At times he seemed to drift off. He kept banging his head into the microphone and losing his train of thought, if you can call such rambling a train.

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Actually, I don’t think so. He’s totally out of touch with reality, as all of his recent macabre television appearances clearly showed.

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He seems to be losing grip with reality. If you are frustrated with the relative lack of coverage on the Libya uprising, try this blog: It’s updated all the time. It is pretty graphic, though. So be careful about watching all the videos if you are easily disturbed by violence-like me.

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One disturbing thought. When egomaniacal cult leaders come to an impasse where they must either give up the praise of their loyal cult following or give up their lives, they almost invariably choose to die and to take the members with them. I am guessing from watching Qaddafi’s antics, attire and listening to what he says that he has much the same personality traits as people like David Koresh and Jim Jones. When he feels he is about to lose his grip on adulation (be it real or all in his head) he will likely take his own life and as many others as he possibly can.

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Yes, at some point suicide is quite likely.

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