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Do you have any good recipes for someone who just had their gallbladder removed?

Asked by filmfann (45755points) February 24th, 2011

My sister just had surgery 2 days ago. I would like to make her a casserole or something, but most sites (including this) say I can’t use pasta, onions, cheese, mayonese, beef, fat, or any of the things you might normally find in something you bring to a sick friend.
So, it’s gotta be bland. Any ideas?

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What are the common factors here? Onions, cheese, beef. Can’t spot it myself.

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How about a simple fresh fruit and vegetable tray w/ a couple of low-fat dips? Just in case she’s just in the mood for nibbling something light.

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I don’t think it will taste very good no matter which recipe you try.

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2 days ago??? Is she already allowed to eat solids @filmfann?

EDIT: Broth

Seriously, I would wait to eat solids until I was healed for more than a few days. Then I’d proceed with caution. No eggs, no coffee, no seeds or nuts for a Loooooooooong time.

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I know that gallbladder disease and/or removal makes your diet kind of odd because there are many things that you cannot eat (that seem un-related to each other) many of these things include fat and certain vegetables. I’m too tired right now to look up what’s on the good list and what’s on the bad list.

What we need is a list of OK foods and banned foods and then we can help you. Either one of the Fluthers can check or @filmfann can get a list from his sister or doctor and then let us know.

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I had no diet restrictions at all after I had my gallbladder removed- the link is talking about attacks prior to removal. Have you asked your sister if she has any dietary restrictions now?

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@crisw The link I added is what to do after removal. Everyone I know (and I have lots of family that have had this procedure) has been restricted after removal. Many people suffer with bouts of diarrhea long after removal.

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Immediately after my gall bladder was removed and after I started eating normally again, I discovered I could no longer tolerate many greasy foods because I could not digest them.

As a result, I avoid pizza, fatty meats, fried foods of all sorts (makes sense!)

Everyone is different. I do very well with eggs, mayonnaise is OK, but I don’t slather it on. But for some reason oatmeal bothers me. I also can’t tolerate soda pop, coffee, and those meal in a can diet drinks.

For the first few meals let the food be bland (no pizza or garlic toast) and just see what works for your friend.

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I can’t seem to find any post gallbladder removal diet advice that is consistent. But I did find a forum where actual patients are talking about what has worked and _not worked for them.

You can see it here and maybe you could talk to some of these folks.

I think it’s imperative that you get a more specific list of good and bad foods directly from your sister’s doctor, and possibly from a nutritionist from the hospital where she had the surgery.

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@Kardamom Forums are good for this issue. The real deal here is, each gallbladder patient is unique. My personal issue would be how inflamed my pancreas was due to the gallbladder issue.

@filmfann How ill was your sis leading up to the surgery? That often indicates how soon the patient can go back to a “regular” diet.

Again, if this were me, I’d be concerned with the healing process and would allow my digestive system to have a respite. Personally I’d be juicing my meals for a while and getting lots of ginger root ;)

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