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When was the last time you heard these exact words:?

Asked by theninth (1638points) February 24th, 2011

“You are the sunshine of my life”?

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Probably the last time the song was played on the radio.

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Never. Except for now. :(

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When Stevie was serenading me in bed. Wait, what?

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weird song for a guy who is blind

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Probably sometime within this year.

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@filmfann Blind people can feel the sunshine; don’t need to see it.

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Today. I think it was a question on Fluther.

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On average, twice every day I go to work. They play the fuck out of that annoying song on the station my work always has on….

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@uberbatman How dare you say anything bad about Stevie Wonder!! Unless it’s about “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” Ugh.

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Interesting, I wonder if people actually said that to each other romantically before the song came out. I doubt anyone could get away with whispering it in a tender moment nowadays.

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Some years back.

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@sliceswiththings Listen to it twice a day, four days a week, for over a year, and then let me know what you think of that song.

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My grandmother sometimes says it to people. Don’t know if I’ve heard it in the last year, though. She has special things for each of her grandchildren that she uses most of the time.

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Years ago when I heard the Stevie Wonder song on the radio.

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When the d.j. said it years ago , before he played the record on the radio

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Oh, I thought you meant as directed toward myself. That’s still “never”, but I heard the words last when I listened to the Stevie Wonder song about a year ago.

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10 years ago. And I said, “And you’re the rain in mine! See ya.”

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you are the sunshine of my life…. you are the sunshine of my life…. you are the sunshine of my life

’ uummmmmmmmmmmm no, never heard it.

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Apart from in the song, never! Cheesy, sycophantic, bullshit free zone see.

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Alas, I was hoping someone would get the reference.

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What reference are you talking about?

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Nope – missed it!

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