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How do you keep your arrogance in check?

Asked by ketoneus (1174points) April 15th, 2008

My wife, a pediatric oncology social worker, helps to keep me grounded and remind me that I’m not as smart as I think.

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Lately, Fluther. It can be humbling to see all these different, great answers, especially when I think I know everything there is to know about something.

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peedub: haha.. its only been six minutes.

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go to a class at school that isnt yours. you can learn a lot from other people’s classes and gain another point of view, since all teachers teach with a bias.

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I never think I am better than anyone. I may have a different set of skills, but that does not make me a better person. I try to learn something from everyone I meet. It may just be how not to do something poorly, but I will learn.

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@peedub…...You do know everything!

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I know where the shift key is, and like three other things.

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I keep in mind how much I owe to humanity.

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“Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in.”

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@glial, nice AB ref.

My demons keep me in check.

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I just aim at the wisdom Socrates described:
“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
– it’s working!

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What arrogance???

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What arrogance? I don’t have a problem, it’s only other people who have problems with me.

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I’m not sure I do. Sometimes others are kind enough to help by being truly brilliant.

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Arrogance is simply a lack of communication skills. One can say the meanest, cruelest thing to someone else, but if it is said considerately and humanely, it will not sound arrogant. Arrogance is also an attitude of disrespect for others. I try to treat everyone more or less equally as you never know if the person you respect least might be the one who says or does something that totally improves your life. Arrogance can also be projected onto a person. The psychologist Carl Jung described a psychological defense mechanism (called “projection”) where one projects his/her own repressed negative personality traits, such as arrogance, onto another person. You may feel arrogant, but it might be someone else who is making your subconcious mind believe that you are arrogant, when, otherwise, you would not be feeling arrogant at all. Summary? Respect others as much as possible for they may someday save your life, and always be aware of what your subconcious mind is doing.

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In addition to these rules to follow in one’s life, the third rule to follow is to always remember that there are no rules

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