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What can I do for my split ends?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) February 24th, 2011

I want my hair to grow longer, it is barely reaching my neck. I have trimmed it and used egg to help strengthen my hair. Is it a bad idea to blow dry my hair after I shower? I really don’t iron my hair anymore. What are some tips besides eating healthy and weekly trims?

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Cutting split ends is really the only way to “fix” them. Trims are helpful of course, but ultimately the hair will continue to split if the damaged hair isn’t cut off. Nothing will actually heal your hair, since it isn’t living tissue.
Any heat styling will increase the likelihood of further damaging your hair – that includes blow drying. Don’t brush your hair when it is wet, use a comb. Buy a good quality shampoo and conditioner, and avoid blow drying as much as you can. Dropping the flat iron is a good decision, those things are hard on your hair… pretty as it may look after it’s styled. :)

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I wash and condition my hair, rub in a little curling product and put a clip on either side, above each ear. Then I go about my business while my hair dries with no assistance from me. I have no split ends.

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Take Biotin or a B-Complex Vitamin

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cut your hair often, use the same brand of shampoo + conditioner (they work better at protectiing your hair when used together)

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Use a good shampoo and conditioner, like Pantene or something from a salon (many of which you can get generic at Sally Beauty). I only have to get my hair cut (for split ends) about once every 9 months that way.

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Get some virgin organic coconut oil from your health food store. Put a small amount on your ends before blowdrying, and use it for 2x a week hair masques (sleep with it in and wash it out in the morning). I have really dry frzzled hair and it has made a huge difference in my split ends.

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Take Vitamins like the Prenatal Vitamins

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Cut them off. Then avoid using unnecessary heat, chemicals, and dye. Take vitamin e, use a leave in conditioner. Avoid brushing your hair as much as possible, and if you do use a good quality brush.

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@JmacOroni Has it right. Also make sure your diet is good– plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables.

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I agree with the others who’ve suggested regular trims. I know what a pain it is to try to grow your hair out – I’ve been working on mine for a couple of years now. Not only does trimming your hair keep it healthier by getting rid of the split ends, but it also helps you to have a “style” while you’re growing it out. There’s nothing worse than that awkward length that you just don’t know what to do with! You’ll feel a ton better about it if you get it trimmed and re-layered every so often.

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I’m gunna go ahead and disagree with the regular trims-I know it’s contrary! But, in my personal experience, I went through several years of trying to grow my hair really long but every time I went into the stylist she would take several inches of “split ends” off. If you do the math-your hair grows about one half to two thirds of an inch a month-you can figure out that my hair ALWAYS stayed the same length. It was incredibly annoying. I finally just stopped having it cut when i went in to have it dyed and I have had SO many people comment on the length of my hair and I love it! I know that it is not as healthy as it could be, but it is really never going to be that healthy because I dye it and like to do fun things as far as styling, etc. So, I just use Bumble and Bumble De-Frizz and it looks shiny and beautiful. So, maybe that is just covering up the spit ends, but who really cares?! Good luck!

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@mollysmithee She really should have only been cutting off ¼” to 1” for just the split ends.

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trim them off.

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Try Pantene Beautiful Lengths products! They work wonders. My hair is very long and I straighten it often so I use these things to keep it soft and have it grow quick!

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