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What is the MOST you've ever eaten of a favorite food item in one sitting?

Asked by stoker (82points) February 25th, 2011

Have you ever REALLY over-indulged yourself eating a favorite food? What did you eat (e.g. tootsie roll midgies), how much (142), and in what amount of time (15 minutes)? Feel free to approximate, especially in the case of potato chips. Note: “Thanksgiving Dinner” doesn’t count as a single food item.

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Pizza. Chef Boyardee makes a kit for making one or two pizzas. When I was in college I could mix both of the two crust mixes together to make a thick crust pizza and eat the entire thing myself.

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Almost all of one of these.

I’m tiny, so, I felt sick afterwards.

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@Jude Holy shit, that’s 1.65 liters. What kind of sugar rush did that produce?

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I once ate five slices of pizza. I surprised everyone in the house.

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I ate 220 popcorn shrimp during an all you can eat shrimp promo.

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I ate 3 bags of Craisins on a van ride from SC to Chicago once, and I won’t apologize.

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Half a bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate truffles. Can’t even count how much, but it was within an hour as I eating while watching a movie on TV.

I felt so disgusted afterwards, but I’m drooling just thinking of the truffles right now (they’re so goooood).

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I can polish off an entire bag of kettle corn by myself.
I LOVE that stuff!

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Two different dates and times:

1. Shrimp. I was at a casino in Tunica, Mississippi. In the mail, we had received two nights free stay and two “all you can eat” invitations for dinner. I must have been in a shrimp-eating mood. On the buffet was a platter, approximately two feet wide and four feet tall, loaded with peel and eat shrimp. It was so inviting that I truly made a pig of myself. I had three dinner plates piled high with shrimp. Each plate held about 50 shrimp. That’s about 150 to 200 shrimp. It took me one and half hours and I felt guilty after this dinner, not to mention the worst case of indigestion. Never again.

2. Birthday party of a friend. I was about 14 years old. It was an outdoor birthday party with all the food teenagers love. This was back in the late 50s. Krystal hamburgers were only a dime, so his parents had plenty on hand for the party. Upon leaving, there were 22 hamburgers left. My friends mother stated that she was just going to throw them away. I asked if I could have them. She said I could. I sat right down on the ground and ate every one of them. Another case of bad indigestion.

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@Jude – Mmmm, PC Fudge Crackle is the best! By the way, I thought of you the other day when I bought this in a moment of weakness.

I don’t know that this counts, because I didn’t actually eat them, but on my 30th birthday my sister dared me to attempt to put 30 mini marshmallows in my mouth at once. I did, then I kept going until 46 (where I almost gagged).

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A two lb. lobster. With beans and potatoes. And bread pudding afterwards. Couldn’t move the rest of the night.

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When I was a kid, home from school and sick with some illness I don’t remember, my Dad brought home a case of Van Houten, Orange flavored chocolate bars. I ate one and found it incredibly delicious. So I ate another, then another, then another, and… vomited the mess all over the bed. I have not seen those candy bars for sale in years. Just as well.

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Pizza for me, 16” family size……. Deep pan, Ham & mushroom smothered in garlic :-/

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@zenvelo—Was that at your house, ‘cause I want a dinner invite?!!! Could we please add steak?

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I once ate a whole wedge of cheese in one sitting.
Sooooo delicious, but very naughty.

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@partyparty Cheese is good for you. Lots of calcium.

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@Adirondackwannabe Oh thanks for that… I don’t feel quite so guilty now LOLL

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Oh, spinach dip & jalapeno artichoke dip and a killer fresh french bread and WHOPPERS! I can polish off a half a carton of those puppies during a movie! ;-)

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When I was about 4, there was a box of Twinkies in the house. I remember eating one, then telling myself “ok, just one more”.
I said that about a dozen times until I had eaten them all. Then I went and threw up on my mom’s bed like a cat. Precious memories.

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When I was like 9 years old me and my family went to Mexico one summer…At the beginning of the trip my dad handed me a 20$ bill…and back then, a 20$ bill was like 100$ to me so I was almost bursting with excitement, ready to spend it all in one place. Once we got to my grandmas house, me and my little brother took a walk down to the corner store and while he bought chocolates and chips….I bought two of each type of gum that they had…..I spent about 10$ worth on gum that day…and on that day, I chewed it all up…....That night I had the worst stomach ache of my life…....After that I wasn’t allowed to chew gum for the rest of the time we were there. I didn’t complain.

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About twenty years ago, there was a place in town called Bryan’s Warehouse which was a rather upscale restaurant in an old renovated warehouse. It had lots of ambiance and on Saturday nights, they would feature ‘all you can eat” Alaskan King Crab legs. A male friend of mine took my friend, Paula, and me out to eat there and I opted for no salad, no baked potato, no garlic bread, just “bring the crab legs and keep ‘em coming”. Well, they kept coming, and I kept eating. Paula says I ate seven plates, Leo counted eight. I was so full of crab legs, I couldn’t count. I know there were plates and plates of shells, but I would guestimate that I ate maybe three to five pounds of actual crab meat. While I still love crab, I have not undertaken such a venture again!

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@Seelix Shut the front door! I had no idea that those existed!!!!

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@Jude – Oh yeah. The ice cream is expensive, but every so often it goes on sale for $5 and sometimes I just can’t resist!

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I just told my g/f (in the States) that I’m picking some up and bringing it over. :)

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18 hot dogs and 6 hamburgers. High school picnic.

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I devoured a dozen peanut butter and chocolate-chip cookies. They were fresh out of the oven, perfect texture, chips still melting.

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@stoker Nope, it was at Durgin Park at the Quincy Market in Boston.

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Anytime I visit home and eat with my parents and family get togethers.
But on a number thing:
all at different times in my life, but mostly in early 20’s or as a teen
75 smelt
8 large taco’s
7 pound burrito
A farrell’s ice cream pigs trough
15 white castles
36 oz porterhouse
3 Whoppers

So glad my metabolism kept up with it.

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I’m no match for the people here, as i have quite a small stomach.
in 1 sitting:
3 slices of pizza… one small portion of french fries and then a ginormous and DELICIOUS slice of raspberry ripple and fresh cream cake….
I couldn’t move from the spot for hours as i don’t usually eat so much…

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When I was in college, I could eat as much of anything I wanted and not gain weight. I had a good appetite and loved chili. I ate 2 and then 3 bowls and asked for more. The waiter (we had waiters where I lived) brought me a brimming serving bowl which I downed with no problem. The head waiter later asked me who would ask me out if I had that big an appetite. I said that there were men who liked someone with a big appetite. And there were. This ability to eat and not gain (I was 15 pounds under-weight) didn’t last. After college, I gained a pound a year until I got to my ideal weight at age 30. Then I had to watch calories.

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As a teenager I could easily eat 6 glazed donuts in a sitting or 4 Arby’s roast beef sandwiches. I think I ate a medium pizza on my own several times. I was a runner from elementary through high school and trained daily, year round so I remember always being hungry.

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When I was in elementary school, I ate entire bag (family size) of nacho flavored Doritos. I’m convinced that they taste differently now, than they did in the mid 70’s. They taste more like salt and much less like cheese like they did then, subsequently I don’t care for them much now.

I’ve also eaten medium sized cheese pizzas all by myself.

@Neizvestnaya I’m a vegetarian now, but I can remember the fabulous taste of Arby’s roast beef samiches right now, with a little bit of that horesey sauce and a big order of curly fries and a jamocha shake!

I still have a penchant for glazed donuts and I just ate one last week, after not having had one for years. Winchell’s used to make the best glazed donuts, but we don’t have any around here anyomore. Yum Yum does a credible job as do some of the little independent donuteries (but Krispy Kreme’s are too sugary and they dissolve immediately, no structure to them).

My brother and I used to (still do but don’t eat them) love donettes and gems and could easily polish off an entire package meant for a whole family. And I was also partial to zingers and Hostess raspberry filled donuts

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About three weeks ago I ate a 2.3 pound Porterhouse steak in about 30 minutes. It was pure grass-fed, premium bliss.

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Three instances. Both years ago. Once I ate a whole 8 oz. bag of plain M&Ms. Sick. Another time I ate almost a whole carton of ice cream, not in one sitting but in about a five hour span. Sick. When I was a teen my club was selling hot Krispy Kreme donuts; I ate nine in about an hour. Sick. We get wiser as we age.

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I eat more chicken any man ever seen.

If I really want to trough out, I can and will eat buckets of shrimp. All-You-Can-Eat-Buffets fear me.

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