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Has anyone had labral tears in the hip?

Asked by holli (487points) February 25th, 2011

Has anyone had labral tears in the hip or hips? Did you have surgery? Did you leave it alone? What state is it in now? And how did you injure it?

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I suffered from labral tears in both hips. I play competition soccer and I tackled another person, and I got mangled, then it proceeded to tear. I had surgery on both of them and now they are almost perfect. From time to time, when I work out they hurt a little, but overall it’s fine now.

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How long ago was that? I also had surgery on both last June and I am back on the dance floor but I don’t have my full range of motion yet and sometimes there is still popping. My surgeon says its normal and takes time. I’m just curious to hear someone else’s experience.

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It was 2 years ago. I mean, it is normal for there to be popping once in a while. It takes a little bit for that to go away. You’ll be able to get a full range of motion soon. I started playing soccer again after a full year and it was almost like it hadn’t happened. It’ll be soon, you just have to be patient. Just don’t put a lot of stress on them :)

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