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What attracts you most in girls/boys? (not physically)

Asked by Pk_JoA (253points) February 25th, 2011

I’m attracted for, by example, the way a girls talks. If she sounds interesting I may pay her enough attention as to actually listen to her and have some kind of interest. If she sounds dumb, it’s automatically out of my list.

Another thing that it’s nice to find in a girl for me is an interesting hobby. Could be anything, even when I don’t like it. I’m not a really fan of theater, but if she likes it, I’d more interested.

So, well. That’s the question. Go ahead :)

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Confidence and the ability to make me laugh. Of course there are other things, but those two top the list for me.

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Intelligence, humor, kindness

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Yet again @janbb, GET OUTTA MY HEAD! I swear you’re my long lost twin sometimes. That’s exactly what I would have said.

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@tedibear Sorry – it’s such a pleasant place to inhabit.

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@janbb said it all. I love a man with a twinkle in his eye.

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Humor. Open minded. Optimistic. Intelligent.

And I know you said not physical but… mustache… hot ;D

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can start a conversation easily, very funny. stands out from everbody else.

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I like moral lassitude in girls.

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Kindness, confidence and the sound of the voice.

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hmmm, the first thing i notice is a guy’s smile. then maybe his voice.Given some time I’d look for kindness,generosity and his SENSE OF HUMOUR. very important to me as i love anyone who makes me laugh.

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Perceptiveness, creativity, wit, independence of thought, sharp mind, common sense, nonlinearality

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Confidence instead of arrogance.
Quieter rather than louder.
Attention to detail and memory for things shared.
Consideration of others, a bit of gallantry even to protect others.

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The way they love they’re parents and respect towards others , personality , positive attitude , hobbies and the type of people they hang around.

+ up good question

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A nerd with confidence and humor.
Love a man that knows what he’s doing.
And extra points if he’s a pro on improving homes and pluming.
Doesn’t have to be rich…just smart.

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A smart, athletic boy with an awesome sense of humor and a six pack. A.K.A., Taylor Lautner.

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