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How would you start an argument?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) February 25th, 2011

Let’s pretend. A radio show calls you and offers you a fabulous prize for playing their contest. This is the way it works: you call someone you know and say one thing that gets you into a heated argument within 30 seconds.

I won’t ask you who you are going to call, but I want to know what you’d say.

and really, the prize is fabulous and you can make amends later.

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I would bash religion.

and not make ammends later. all relegion is false, there is no god.

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I’ve listened to radio programs that had similar “fake scenarios” like that, where the caller would win a big fat prize. I’ve actually ended up crying because of what was said to the poor person on the other end of the phone, who doesn’t know it’s a big set up. Even if it’s “fake” in the first place, there’s a lot of room to really hurt someone because of the lies themselves, the ambush, and the fact that the other person had no choice in the matter (to be put on the radio and to be put on the spot). I hate that kind of shock radio. It’s not funny and it’s really uncomfortable to listen to. After the first couple of times I heard this type of thing (on a station that I used to like) I would turn the channel if they started to do one of these shows. I would never go along with it, no matter how grand the prize was.

I enjoy comedy, but in my opinon, this kind of thing is just awkward and painful.

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I think this question is pretty silly. Fluther deserves better than this. I think you are wasting our time with this question.

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I wouldn’t have to make anything up in order to light a fire under a particular person, it would go something like this:

“Stop leaving me voicemails asking why mom and I don’t talk to you, everyone says you’re a liar so it’s not just us being unreasonable…”

That’s enough to make a small part of a city implode so I’d have to know what the fabulous prize was in advance to weigh setting that off.

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“Wait a minute…so you really think…..”.

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Haha, did you hear the clip from a similar show, the woman called her man and pretended their son wasn’t his in order to win tickets… he got mad and retaliated by admitting that he was sleeping with her sister ! Rofl

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@Odysseus Holy crap! You know, I have been watching this Q, but did not answer because the first answer that came to my mind was the easiest person in my life to start a fight with would be really so pissed off it wouldn’t be worth it.

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I would use the whole ‘Soooo I hear you’ve been telling everyone…’ make up some vague piece of gossip that they could have said and continuously accuse them of lying.

—NB: I imagine this one works best on women.

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@saraaaaaa That’s good. And would work with lots of people.

I don’t know why everyone is focusing on the worst person in the world to piss off. I’d call my brother and tell him he owed me money. He’d erupt. And then he’d repeat the story laughing over dinner.

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“Hey, I wanted to call and be up front with you about this. I am calling CPS, and telling them you are unfit to be a parent anymore. I think I will do a better job raising your kids.”

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@filmfann Omigod. That’s good. That would beat a ten second deadline.

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I know of five sisters that would deserve for me to start a arguement with them , though what tends to go around , comes back around ,even if it’s only a joke .
So I don’t think I would do this at all

+ up ’’ good question to ponder

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I’d say ‘I’m glad you finally picked up, you asshole who’s been screening my calls, are you out of your damn mind lately with all this shit you’ve been doing? I’m sorry my family ever got to know you and your partner.’

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I’d accuse them of something.

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Sir, my name will remain anonymous. I thought you would like to know that I just caught your wife, in a car with another man. They were performaing an obscene act. I have the license plate number of the car they were in, but I will not give this to you. Call your wife and check on her.

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@john65pennington That one only works if when you call them, the wife isn’t sitting right next to them.

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