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Energy drinks/bars, sport drinks, protein shakes/bars. Do they work?

Asked by bassist_king1 (310points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

anyone got suggestions about these? Do they work or should I just stick with water ?

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done adrenaline rush always does it for me. Noz is a good drink to make you hyper too.

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I drank Red Bull all through college. It worked better for me than coffee. I typically stick to green tea theses days, but probably way too much of it.

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monster or bawls are my favorites! they also have the crash though, when you feel like your going to die and take a nap inside.

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For some reason energy drinks never did anything for me. It really sucks because im often tired and would like something to wake me up.

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Gatorade type of drinks for hydration
Bars for quick something for your stomach
energy drinks work until your body grows immunity to them at least for me.
Sugar free is the way I usually go.
Protein shakes to build some extra muscle/build.

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there’s an energy drink called XS, it doesn’t have the “energy drink taste” and the energy comes from B-vitamins, as opposed to sugars or caffiene.
The only down side is it’s not sold in stores, but rather by Quixtar/Amway Global Distributors. They also sell an adaptogenic herb supplement called Rhodiola, do a wiki search on it, and you’ll get some info.

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