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What character is easy to make a caricature of?

Asked by Pk_JoA (253points) February 25th, 2011

When talking about drawing caricatures, which character do you think is easy to do?

Real or fictional, does not matter while it is known.

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Bill Clinton.

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I have victimized both friends and family with my interpretations.;)

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People with an easily-identifiable characteristic are probably easiest. Like Jay Leno with his big chin, or Julia Roberts with her huge smile. Caricatures are about exaggeration, so if the subject already has a feature which seems exaggerated, it’s easy to exaggerate it even more.

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President Obama, obviously. He’s like a walking caricature. You don’t even need to change anything!

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Julia Gillard, our miserable excuse for a prime minister here in Australia. Cheap and common in appearance and speech, and very little between the ears.

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Charlie Sheen is the buffoon du jour with loads of easy to do potential.

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