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Help - toddler in the house! Chocolate stain off a white cotton couch?

Asked by janbb (58373points) February 26th, 2011

Jake is visiting this house for the first time. Chocolate chip cookie got on white cotton couch. I tried water but no help; in fact, I think it may leave a water stain. Any ideas?

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oxy clean laundry stain remover works great, but chocolate is usually greasy, so when my kids get chocolate milk on their clothes, I use a drop of dawn (dishwashing liquid) and water. Good luck, hope you get it out!

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The dishwashing liquid is a good idea. Or you could have Jake autograph it and keep it as a keepsake. His first stain in the house.

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Here is how to remove chocolate stains from washable materials (including cotton).

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Thanks all! I think I will actually check with the cleaner who last cleaned the couch and see what they recommend. I don’t want to mess it up further. There is also a small handprint on the chair so maybe @Adirondackwannabe‘s idea is the best one!

Remember my question a few week’s ago about perfectionism? Toddlers are the test.

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I wish I’d known these hints when my kids were small and habitually eating Cocoa Puffs on the arm of the pale pastel sofa in front of the TV.

There were enough chocolate-related episodes in their youngsterhood that I made a household rule: If you’re going to throw up, don’t eat any chocolate first.

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