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What Firefox add-on makes your life easier on a daily basis?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) February 26th, 2011

For me, it’s Wired-Marker. It’s like having 8 colors of high-lighters to use on web pages. Plus, Firefox stores the data, so items you’ve marked will remain marked if you leave a page and come back a couple days later.

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After finally abandoning IE recently, I am happy with any browser that provides a spell-checker!

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show my password [for those senior moments]

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Tab Mix Plus.

Youll thank me =]

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^ checking out FastestFox

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Ewww it doesnt let me add my own menu items? Back to Hyperwords…

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@The_Idler What menu items have you added to Hyperwords?

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I just got a new computer, so I cant remember exactly, but the first things I’ll be adding (now) will be eBay UK, Google maps ( and another option for walking directions from Home/Work), demonoid, piratebay, a couple of my favourite forums, eorwid, and some chemical databases.

But you can add literally any search box you ever see on the web…

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also translates between many languages, and converts between any dimension or measure to another. and also currency.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE NoScript. It is by far my favorite and most useful. It will block literally EVERYTHING you don’t allow it (flash). Some people might find it annoying to manually allow the sites they visit (click, click, done), but once you allow it will always be allowed unless you decide to change it. It can be accessed from the lower right corner of the browser, very easily. It will make your browsing faster as the dozens of ad, tracking, data-collection syndications never get downloaded by you. You wouldn’t believe the number of erroneous sites that are involved in a single web page. Don’t want to be tracked by facebook? disallow! This isn’t an issue for me since I use a mac, but if you have a PC, your risk of getting viruses will be GREATLY reduced.

That being said, sometimes you will have to “temporarily allow all this page” to view something correctly. It is indispensable to me.

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just added a new search to hyperwords “Search Firefox Add-Ons”

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Disable Backspace Navigation (prevents the backspace button from hot keying your browser into going back a page… what a stupid default that this add-on solves!)

Flashblock (obvious)

Mailfrom (enables all mail links to automatically open up a Compose Letter screen)

Unquit Firefox CTRL-W
(prevents Control-W from shutting Firefox down, another stupid hot key default solved by this add-on)

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@Kraigmo Wow, I actually use the backspace all the time – I get mad if I can’t use that!

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@MyNewtBoobs, do you use the backspace to go back a space, or back a page? The Disable Backspace Navigation will actually enable you to use the backspace for its intended purpose without browsing you away from the page you’re on.

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@Kraigmo I only use it for going back a space if I’m on a form field – the rest of the time I use it to go back a page.

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Can’t live without Xmarks and Rss-Ticker… both MUST HAVE add-ons :)

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As a Web developer, Firebug os worth its weight in gold to me.

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@ETpro Would it be useful to someone who is in no way a programmer?

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@MyNewtBoobs Firebug is for looking at the Source code and CSS of a site while you can still see the site.So unless you’re into writing HTML code, it wouldn’t be of any use to you.

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Ad-block plus is my absolute must have.

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