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What should i do?

Asked by missbabyboo (195points) April 15th, 2008

ok so theres this guy that i really like..and he likes me back..but one thing is that hes my bffs ex boyfriend and they were each others first love..nd he still wants to get back with i dont know what to do..should i just get over him or what? im so confused

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no thats a prob..he wants to get back with her and im helping him..she keeps telling him to move i dont know..i want to help them back together but i know they most likely wont because she doesnt want to get back with him and i dont want to discourage him. like i want to get over him but then again i dont

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I’s day not to try to get up with him. i know if the roles were reversed and one of my good friends were trying to get up with an ex, that would cause troubles between me and my friend. esp since it’s my bff and i most likely see this person alot. something about the thought of a bff with an ex would drive me crazy. I hope that none of my true friends would want to get up with one of my ex’s.

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Sounds messy. Let him go.

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i know how it exactly is..cuz im still in love with my ex. and wanna get back with him too just like the guy i like that wants to get back with my bff..but i like him a lot and i dont know what to do…we’re not gonna let her know cuz ive done this to her once before with a guy me n her both liked..but like i dont me and him talk more than she and him does now..i dont know.. he jsut cheers me up and makes me happy everyday that im down

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I wouldn’t go there. It all bad news. It will make you look bad at the very least. Even if your bff says she fine with it, I wouldnt. Imagine you like it if one of your friends dated your ex. Date someone else

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i know ive been there done that..i know how much it ruins my friendship with my bff…nothings going to happen..but like i need to get over him but then again i dont want to..why am i feeling that way?

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Considering he’s trying to get back with your best friend, and you just ended it with your bf of 2 years – it’s probably just an infatuation…...don’t act on it for now, if you still feel this way about him in a few months and he’s still not back with your friend – then maybe.

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ok thank you butim not sure about thinking to get with him part..he is my bffs ex so its like weird..because im always with her 24/7

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In your other question you made it clear you’re not entirely over your ex yet, so how long have you been ‘sure’ about this guy?
Seriously, I think a step back and wait and see will serve you well.

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I could swear I’ve heard this one before on Fluther…someone use the search button please!

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umm like 3 weeks

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yea seriously, you may not want to hear the advice from those of us who are saying to ‘step’ away but i can only hope you do take our advice. it sorta sounds like you may need to just take a bigger step away for a few. just go single for a bit, get your thoughts together and see where life takes you. take some time for yourself and see what you want out of life. don’t rush into too much right now, you have a long life ahead of you. do yourself a favor go rent your favorite movie get some pop-corn or some ice cream and sit back and enjoy life.. plus do me a favor and smile, it will do you some good. :-)~

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I never give up a guy that i really be in love with!!

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me neither..i never gave up my first love and not planing too anytime i knwo how the guy i like feels..i dont know

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Move on. You have too many other problems to deal with right now. Get yourself straightened out first, then worry about guys. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but you are a little too mixed up right now to worry about boys. If you don’t take care of the other problems in your life first, you can make some very serious mistakes where boys are concerned.

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Man, I read this question and I’m in the exact same situation. This whole situation says two things:

1. ditch the best friend since you guys obviously have no trust anymore, either that or demote her to just a friend
2. both of you (you and the guy) have no self esteem since you’re both feeling rejected, I’m hooking up with my ex’s best friend, but hooking up is all it can be since dating would ruin both their friendship and reputation.

Just hookup, and don’t tell anyone, but once you’re caught, just make sure you know the repercussions of this situation.

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100% Stay away… nothing good can come of this!
Come back to earth and be rational.
Not to say it isn’t possible, just not at the moment. he has to get over your bff first.

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i understand..
so im staying away now..
one stupid thing is that she keeps hurting him yet he still goes back to she doesnt know what she wants and hes just there waiting for an answer when it seems like she just doesnt even care to give him another chance

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talk to your bff and see how she feels about it.

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Plenty of fish in the sea. Get over him. Mixing friends and relationships can get weird. There are too few degrees of separation here.

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If he wants to get back together with your best friend he doesn’t like you as much as he’s telling you he does. Move on.

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Don’t help (or discourage) this guy from trying to get back together with your friend. Don’t be involved in it whatsoever. Let them sort it out for themselves. Don’t attempt to get together with this guy either. Even though your friend might not want him back, she still has a very strong history with him because he was her first love. If you date him or pursue him, your friend will probably never trust you again. Look elsewhere. Don’t ever get mixed up with friend’s exes or relatives. Find your own partners.

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If he is still trying to get back with his ex how can he like you at the same time ?

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