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Is there a way to live in this world without having a job?

Asked by Tendrillar (52points) April 15th, 2008
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Being a bum always works…

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does it though?

I’d like to make a living, but I don’t want to have to answer to anybody. I mean, I have an apartment and shit that I need to pay for, but I don’t want to provide a service I don’t believe in.

You know what I mean?

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I know a guy who became one of these because he was broke.

I think he had to share his pad, and his ‘things’ were probably beads.

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hundreds of thousands of people in the USA are collecting disablity checks every month. Of course you would have to be disabled in some way ( or fine but very slick and crafty) or mentally unable to hold a job. Of course with the rate of inflation and the high cost of housing , with the amount they give you, your quality of life would be sub standard( but maybe not, I’m guessing). You would also have to have worked a while for your employer to have paid the disability insurance.

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_…. Stop being lazy and contribute to society!

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Well that’s the million dollar question isn’t it. When you figure it out please be sure to share the secret.

On a serious note, I am self-employed & really enjoy that. I love the flexibility that it gives me with my time & it works well helping me manage my illness. The sense of control over my own time is very empowering to me.

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I watched a movie bsses on s true story that a person pretended to be a bum and made more money then working a regular 9–5 job at min. wage

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LOL my poor husband supported me for almost a year but I tried my best to get a job. I even went to work at a restaurant for 11 months. Well without him I don’t know what I would do. My parents? But come on I’m 30 LOL

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How about just finding a job you don’t hate?

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Haha, I just watched Say anything.

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I’ve kind of found a job I don’t hate doing freelance production assistant work but it’s few and far between at this point.

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I am just being lazy, but god it would be nice.

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You can’t be lazy if you’re gonna be freelance anything – at least not until you’re a success and sought after….

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Think about what it is that you love to do , and then turn that into a job. Life is much easier when you get paid to do what you love.

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I’m not lazy when I am freelancing, but otherwise I’m a complete bum.

I went to school for Film and Television, but most places don’t want my original ideas or projects nor do I really want to give them up to anyone, so most the time i’m left with working on commercials and advertising. The ad industry is the most creatively devoid environment I’ve ever been apart of. And most of those people are just plain evil.

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And I have been trying to get a job for about five weeks and have found nothing. I’ve sent out resumes and applications, applied in person,etc. It just stresses me out. So for the last few days I’ve been trying to figure out how I can make a living with just my own talents and skills. I fear I lack credibility though, with not a lot to show from my education, besides my degree.

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I want to add a question: What do you want to contribute to people?

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I guess I’d like to enlighten and entertain people, through film and other visual media. And I’m sure i could do this, but it’s whether or not people want to pay me for it. Even then it feels wrong to want money just to express myself and share it. But there’s nothing else I want to do.

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@Tendrillar, I hear your frustration and I am touched by your sincerity.

I want to share something I’ve been doing and it could be “out there,” so put it in the take-it-or-leave-it category. I started doing a process called active imagination dialogue a month ago and it’s really helped me in getting answers to my important questions.

This is where I basically have a written conversation with a Trusted Source, meaning my version of Spirit/Source/God. You would use whatever works for you. It looks like this (and this is a real dialogue for me):

Adam: I’d like to talk to Spirit about whether I should take this job. Are you there?
TS (trusted source): Yes, we’re here.
Adam: What should I do in regard to the job I’m looking at taking?
TS: It’s a good idea. It will help you move forward. Don’t worry so much about it. And keep checking in with me.

You might want to give it a try. It’s been profound for me – the responses I’ve gotten have been at times surprising, challenging, and often comforting. Oh, and skepticism is encouraged. You don’t have to completely believe it to try it. I’d just suggest setting skepticism aside temporarily, and then pick it back up after the dialogue and examine what happened. Good luck!

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I’ve actually been practicing something like this for sometime since childhood. And, I’ll be honest and say I believe in it very much.

So to be completely honest, I’ve not found a steady job in some time, but I have found some work.

I’m a pretty positive guy and believe that just having a good attitude about things will help get me to where I want to be.

So, there I was/am jobless, waiting on a call, staying optimistic. When one day I did receive a call about a PA job. I didn’t expect to hear from the caller, who then set me up with a production company and an event. I ended up working for two days and made about four hundred dollars. It really was a miraculous turn of events. Now, I have the opportunity to work with them again, and have also networked with others for future freelance PA jobs.

It was quite a surprise. And I only wish I could do this kind of thing full time.

Tonight, I sat back and thought of my current situation and it got to me a bit. Though stressful as it may be, I still keep a positive attitude. I know I’ll be alright and will find something soon.
I guess I just needed some outside help this time and to blow off some steam.

Thanks for all your replies. I mean that.

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the video game industry is always hiring.

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I wouldn’t mind writing for games. I think I wouldn’t be too bad at that.

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You could win the lottery!

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dumpster dive, fly signs, sleep under bridges. it works for a lot of people

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I dumpster every now and again. It saves a lot of money on food. And most of the stuff you find is really pretty clean and good to eat.

My friend Matt’s been doing it for eight years and only rarely pays for food. Crazy.

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